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The most recent topic for the Franklin County Education Retirees Association program is “Homeless in Franklin County” with guest speaker Betsy Green, who coordinates the Russellville Homeless Coalition.

Betsy said nearly 10 years ago that she and her husband, Doug Greene, have operated through free praise ministries, where they travel to multiple churches and denominations, teaching, preaching, and counseling on God’s Word. Through this ministry, God redirected them to focus on helping the homeless in the area.

As a result, in November 2019, the Russellville Coalition for the Homeless was formed.

Ms. Green emphasized that the RcH is not a shelter and does not provide housing. It is an emergency help provider. The main goal is to help provide the homeless with the tools they need to survive, to heal, to recover, to obtain jobs and housing, and to become an active asset to the community.

RcH partners with multiple entities in the community, such as businesses, individuals, churches, city and local government, as well as law enforcement.

Some of the services include providing emergency food and backpacks full of supplies to ensure survival in the jungle. Some of the items in the backpacks include toiletries, work clothes, raincoats, thermal ponchos, bottled water, a Bible, pocketbook, and a rolled-up blanket. The assembly cost of each backpack is $90-100.

RcH is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Everything that comes into this ministry goes to the homeless community. For more information, call Betsy at 256-815-5249.

Franklin County Education Retirees Association membership supports RcH by providing various backpack items and monthly donations.

The March meeting was held at the Methodist Church Ministry Center in Russellville. Sandy Gibson, the president, called the meeting. I offered the invocation, “Count your blessings.”

The luncheon was a hearty affair, with members serving delicious casseroles, salads, chicken and bbq, and delicious cakes and pies.

A short working session that included reading the minutes and the treasurer’s report. After discussion, the members voted to return to regular club meetings in October.

Guest speaker for the Alabama Association of Education Retirees Annual Meeting is Dr. Jack Hawkins Jr., President of Troy University. Delegates from the Franklin County Education Retired Association will be completed by the April meeting for the annual meeting in May at the Renaissance Montgomery Hotel & Resort at the Convention Center.