DreamStudio: A stable distributed AI art web application tool


If you were following AI Text-to-image You may know that Space, Stable Diffusion, a free Discord image generator, shut down their site in August 2022 and released it. DreamStudio Web application.

DreamStudio explained

DreamStudio is an AI text-to-image web application developed by Stable Diffusion. Similar to DALL-E2, it uses natural language processing to generate images from queries and provides input controls for users to further customize the image. Considered a competitor to DALL-E2.

Stable distribution was latent. Text-to-image A distribution model that can be built from a short descriptive text query image in less than 10 seconds. It was a free and fast competitor to OpenAI’s. DALL-E2 It works similarly but doesn’t have as many filters. And yes, it can generate images of celebrities and politicians.

DreamStudio is a web application that provides a suite. Creator Design tools that allow users to create images with AI. Provides natural language processing and user input controls for creating images. Considered a more affordable alternative to the DALL-E2. Here’s what you need to know.

What is DreamStudio?

“DreamStudio is a suite of innovative media tools designed to give everyone limitless imagination and ease of visual expression for accelerated creativity with natural language processing and revolutionary input controls.” according to DreamStudio website.

Dreamstudio Image Screenshot
Image created on Dreamstudio. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

At first glance, I love how clean and intuitive the user interface is, despite the use of terms like “seed”, “CFG” and “steps” etc., which can be confusing for beginners.

However, you can increase the number of images you want to generate per request.

Two Images Created By Dreamstudio
Two images created by Dreamstudio. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

DreamStudio also offers A specific page It explains the basics Writing good motivations.

Dreamstudio Quick Guide Screenshot
Dream Studio Quick Guide. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

The web application comes with a very handy history page, but does not store the images on the server. Just see a small preview and measure such as Query, Dimensions, Race and Classifier Free Guide (CFG).

Screenshot History Of Created Images
Generation parameters for preview images. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

You also have to “dream” to get a high resolution image.

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Is DreamStudio free to use?

No, DreamStudio is not free. The cost to use DreamStudio is approximately $1.18 for every 100 generation credits.

The settings you choose determine how generating credits are used. The higher the levels and resolution, the higher the price.

Dreamstudio Credit Cost For Pixels Screenshot
DreamStudio credits cost based on pixel size. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

DreamStudio provides API access that you can use in your own apps or bots. Here is the pricing model.

Dreamstudio Price Chart
DreamStudio Price Chart. | Screenshot: Jim Clyde Monge

Can you sell images created in DreamStudio?

Yes, you can copy, modify and distribute your images – even for commercial purposes.

You can also transform or overpaint images with your own artistic style before posting them to your social media accounts.

An introduction to Stable Diffusion’s DreamStudio. | Video: MattVidPro AI

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Advantages of DreamStudio

Personally, I was shocked and a little sad when Stable Disfection closed the free. discord bot. Although it was expected, I didn’t expect it to happen so quickly.

On the plus side, the new DreamStudio app offers more functionality, stability and a more seamless user experience. It now competes directly with Dall-E2 in the market. The results are equally good, and the price is a cheaper option.

The business space for text-to-image tools is starting to heat up. I’m excited to see what happens next.

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