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Photo by Alec Perry The seal of the City of Wheeling overlooks the empty chairs in the council chambers of the City County Hall.

Wheeling City Council members are expected to hear the first readings on a full slate of new ordinances tonight, including major sewer upgrades legislation.

A new law is scheduled to be introduced tonight to allow City Manager Robert Herron to spend $312,939 with James White Construction of Weirton for a Georgetown sanitation improvement project. The work is planned for the area near the Georgetown apartment complex on National Road, and the cost is expected to be charged to the city’s Water Pollution Control Bond Fund.

James White Construction was considered the lowest and best bid for the project. By comparison, the other area contractors who bid were Ohio-West Virginia Drilling with a bid of $371,556 and Cast & Baker, which bid for $396,109.

The second and final reading of the new law, in addition to a vote by council members, is expected to take place during the city council’s first regular meeting next month on May 2.

Another new law due to be introduced tonight is an ordinance that authorizes the city manager to spend $655,000 with Wheeling Inc. Jarvis, Downing & Mush on structural repairs to Wheeling Fire Stations No. 2 and No. 10 charged to the City Project Fund. Another expense of $31,196 for repairs to the Fire Department’s #6 wheel ladder is also being considered with costs charged to the city’s regular Restricted Capital Improvement Program (RCIP) fund.

Tonight, a new ordinance is proposed authorizing $82,780 to be spent with Savage Construction of Wheeling for field renovations at the I-470 sports complex. These recreational improvements are being paid for by the city’s allocation of federal pandemic relief money from the American Rescue Plan Act.

The suggested purchase of the new Leaf Machine is also available for a first read tonight. A $96,040 public funds purchase of the Southeastern Equipment Company of Cambridge will be considered.

The council will also hear first readings about the ordinances to initiate name changes on streets in Mozart to resolve confusion with streets with similar names. According to two new pieces of legislation being introduced tonight, efforts are being made to remove duplicate road names and potential confusion for various delivery companies and emergency services by the Wheeling-Ohio County 911 Center.

Councilwoman Rosemary Ketchum recently held meetings to discuss issues of duplicate street names. The neighborhood has been notified and involved, proposed name changes include turning Ester Avenue into Lucinda Lane and Park Road becoming Schmulbach Road.

A number of public hearings are also scheduled during tonight’s regular City Council meeting, which will begin at 5:30 p.m. in the council chambers of the City-County Building on Chapline Street downtown. Public hearings are scheduled for proposed tightening of dog and animal barking ordinances, on a proposed lease of city-owned property to the Macedonian Baptist Church, proposed code language for the newly created Municipal Tree Board and the city’s CDBG (Community Development Block Grant) and home business plan for the fiscal year 2023.

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