Dr. Rishi Sriram has been appointed as a ‘Senior Researcher’ for the further development of higher education

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Rishisriram 2022
Dr. Rishi Sriram has been recognized by the American College Staff Association for his extensive work in higher education. Image courtesy of Dr. Rishi Sriram

Written by Lucy Pearson | Reporter

Dr. was chosen. Rishi Sriram as one of the top 10 active scientists in the American College Staff Association – National Association for Student Affairs. He will serve a five-year term ending in 2028.

“Scholars are outstanding members of the profession… who have made exemplary and continuing contributions to ACPA’s mission to transform higher education by creating and sharing impactful scholarship, shaping critically reflective practice, and advocating for equitable and inclusive learning environments,” ACPA website is reading.

An Associate Professor of Higher Education and Student Affairs at Baylor, Sriram also serves as the graduate program director for the Department of Educational Leadership and resident faculty at Brooks Residential College.

“One of the topics I really focused on in my research is the student affairs profession,” Sriram said. “I really began to see my research as another way that I could teach and develop current college administrators.”

Sriram said being appointed as a Senior Researcher has given him a bigger platform and will help him reach more people with his work.

“Attaining the title of Senior Researcher will allow me to do work that still has an impact, and that can continue to contribute to the professionals out there in the field trying to help college students succeed,” Sriram said. “Not only does it validate the work I’ve been doing for college students to succeed, but it allows me to hopefully continue that work to a higher level.”

The Senior Scholars Program consists of 10 to 12 senior educators The best scholarships are participating relevant to student affairs work.” During the five-year period, scholars must attend national conferences, participate in teleconferences, and engage in at least one science leadership commitment each year.

Dr. Scott Moore, Associate Professor of Philosophy and Great Texts, is one of Sriram’s colleagues and said he is well-qualified and deserving of his new role.

“He’s already a very successful scientist, educator, and educator, and I look forward to seeing all that he achieves in the years to come,” said Moore.

When discussing his accomplishments, Sriram said he acknowledges the Baylor community—and Brooks Residential College in particular—as contributors to his work every day.

“I want to thank the members of Brooks Residential College, because living in a community with undergraduates has always helped me remember what matters, and why I do the work that I do,” Sriram said.