DPS Resignation is a movement to hold members of the Denver Board of Education accountable

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Denver Public Schools Superintendent Alex Marrero, left, and Board of Education President Xochitl ‘Sochi’ Gaytan, during a news conference after the board finished its executive meeting at DPS headquarters on March 23, 2023. The school board went into an executive session to discuss bringing school resource officers back to school District schools and other concerns about the shooting Wednesday at Denver East High School. (Photo by Andy Cross/Denver Post)

In the aftermath of yet another school shooting, the Denver Public School Board has demonstrated that they do not have the judgment necessary to keep our children in a safe learning environment.

Board of Directors They have yet to apologize for their decision to remove school resource officials from Denver schools without a backup plan, ultimately putting students and staff at risk.

However, what the board members have done since the East High School shooting is evidence of their dysfunctional management and complete disregard for transparency.

Steve Zansberg, a well-respected First Amendment attorney and president of the Colorado Freedom of Information Coalition, recently accused the board of directors of violating Colorado’s open-meeting laws, after the board deliberated in secret in a closed executive session for more than five hours before appearing and reading aloud portions of a memorandum. A new course that reverses the course and returns School Resource Officers to some schools. The Commission They voted unanimously To adopt a change of position without any public discussion.

Colorado law requires the DPS board to discuss public business or take formal action at meetings open to the public. Instead, the board members appear to have concealed their deliberations from the public. As a result, the relevant parts of the executive cycle should now be announced.

Exacerbating public distrust was DPS’s well-documented lack of transparency.