Don’t buy Steve Jobs’ Make Something Great book on eBay, because the book is free

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New Steve Jobs books are completely free, but eBay charlatans claim they have special hardback editions that they’ll sell you for up to $25,000.

Every eBay listing features a Steve Jobs hardcover in a box. There is no hardcover version.

It’s called “make something cool” and it doesn’t translate to “before someone tears it up,” but it might as well be. The book is a collection of Steve Jobs’ writings, taken from speeches and emails, and has been painstakingly compiled by the Steve Jobs Archives.

It is indeed a private book, but the Archive has expressly given it free, in order to read it as widely as possible.

Here, let us save you $25,000 — you can Read it online In the archives of Steve Jobs, Download an e-book version or Get it across Apple Books.

In each case, it costs nothing.

But now eBay already has — at the time of writing — seven sellers claiming to have a hardcover print. Many say they are selling a limited edition that is only for Apple employees.

There is no limited edition. There is no hard copy at all. All of these sellers probably use print-on-demand services, assuming they won’t just cheat the buyer out of the purchase price.

Thus, there is no remote reason to pay, at present, from $100, all the way up to $25,000. It’s not clear if the $25,000 version includes shipping.