Do high schools require students to take a CS course before they graduate?


Longtime Slashdot reader Theodop wrote:

The technology:Supported And directed The nonprofit is back with a new call to America’s governors, which “10th policy advice For all states.” Their recommendation? “To require all students to take computer science to earn a high school diploma.”

“Artificial intelligence has increased our urgency to ensure our students are adequately prepared for a rapidly changing world,” explains the vision: States “have a policy requiring all students to earn a credit in ‘computer science,’ or a related name that includes ‘computer science.’ said.“Our vision is every student in every school Chance To study computer science like biology, chemistry or algebra.’s call for a high school CS graduation requirement comes two months after the nonprofit responded to recent AI breakthroughs. TeachAI has launched, a grassroots effort led by and supported by a coalition of tech and education organizations, including Microsoft, OpenAI, Amazon, Meta and (newly AI-powered) Khan Academy. “Teach AIThe initiative’s website explains, “Government and education leaders are committed to providing thought leadership for teaching about AI and computer science by aligning education with the needs of an increasingly AI-driven world and connecting the teaching conversation to AI.”

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