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What separates us

Continuous monitoring of open, deep and dark web sources to identify threats

GreyMatter Digital Risk Protection (DRP) uses an unparalleled suite of digital risks that organizations care about and a proven threat model that fits your organization’s risk profile and appetite.

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The scope of the collection

We collect information from a wide range of sources, including code repositories, criminal forums and marketplaces, social media, technical sources and file repositories.

Practical understanding

Our threat model adapts and adapts our intelligence to your organization’s unique risk profile to deliver alerts that meet your unique needs.

360-degree visibility

It integrates seamlessly with ReliaQuest’s GreyMatter alert workflow to identify, investigate and respond to threats both inside and outside your organization.

Risk that you can use

Deep Threat Intel reports from our Photon research team discussing threat actors, their behavior and the assets they target.


Reducing the warning gap
and response times


Reducing the warning sound
and false positives


improvement in
Total cost of ownership

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Why is it repeated for DRP?

Combine and apply
Threat intelligence

ReliaQuest GreyMatter DRP

  • Integration with GreyMatter provides a unique 360-degree view of security risks both inside and outside the organization.
  • If a hazard is detected, customers receive context-rich alerts through GreyMatter’s alert process with clear response action allocation and mitigation recommendations.
  • It continuously monitors open, deep and dark sources to identify legitimate threats and provide quick and easy resolution.

Other threat intelligence providers

  • Provide threat intelligence data and actionable threat intelligence seamlessly integrated into the security operations workflow.
  • Low offerings around brand awareness including online impersonation, data leakage, domain monitoring.
  • Ask clients to set up alert feeds and review raw data to gain insights.


Combinations and connections

Strengthen your security ecosystem. Gray matter

Seamlessly integrate GreyMeter with your security op-tech stack to gain visibility into your devices and get the context and insight you need to run security and protect your business.

Integrate data from existing sets of tools into one user-friendly view to gain visibility into your devices and get the context and insights you need to run security and protect your business.


Customer testimonials

Confidence of industry leaders
ReliaQuest GreyMatter
To achieve their security goals

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For years, sellers have promised to deliver ‘a glass of glass’ but always fail. ReliaQuest GreyMatter unifies layered security tools, integrated alerting, rapid detection and response, proactive threat hunting and attack simulation to continuously improve your posture, all wrapped up with security consulting expertise to accelerate key initiatives.

John Childers
Director of Information Security, Aqua America

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With GreyMatter, my team doesn’t have to do a lot of chair rocking. We can see everything on one platform, allowing us to quickly identify and respond to threats.

Christine Vanderpool
CISO, Florida Crystals

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ReliaQuest gives us the assurance that we’re participating in best practices, keeping things healthy and up-to-date, and keeping an eye on our systems at all times.

Director of Security Operations,
$4.5B global management consulting firm


Make security possible
with ReliaQuest GreyMatter

Increase visibility, reduce complexity and manage risk through a single security operations platform with integrated comprehensive protection.

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