DEWALT Tool Set Sales Facebook Posts Are Scams.


From 2019 to 2021, American homeowners spent an estimated $624 billion on do-it-yourself home improvement projects, according to the data. US Census Bureau US Housing Survey.

Many DIY projects require large purchases, such as expensive power tools.

VERIFY viewer Nate recently sent us Facebook posts advertising huge sales on power tools, typically worth hundreds to thousands of dollars. He asked if they were legitimate sales.

A post 32-piece DEWALT ad for $29.99; Another 24-piece set is introduced For $39.99, other Facebook posts are displayed in full Milwaukee Tools on sale for over 90% offincluding shipping.

The question

Are Power Tool Liquidation Sales Posts on Facebook Legal?

The sources

The answer

No, power tool clearance sales posts on Facebook are not legal. They are scams.

What we found

Both DEWALT and Milwaukee Tool They have released a statement on their website asking consumers to beware of these scams.

“Recently, we have come to know of fraudulent websites posing as official DEWALT accounts or as legitimate sales platforms for DEWALT products. These websites have also been promoting DEWALT products at very good prices on several social media networks such as Facebook. The DEWALT website says so..

Scam websites are trying to get your credit card information or trick consumers into non-refundable payments, says DEWALT.

Milwaukee Tool and DEWALT both sell their products through authorized retailers, small mom-and-pop stores or big box stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s Home Improvement.

According to the Home Depot website, as of March 2, 2016, A 10-piece DEWALT combination tool costs $649.00. A 7-piece set featuring a variety of instruments Lowe’s home improvement is also $649.00.. It’s roughly the same price for him. The Milwaukee appliance is available at Home Depot. VERIFY has not found any wholesale equipment being sold from authorized sellers at prices similar to scam posts.

You can find a list. DEWALT Authorized Dealers are located here. And Here are the Milwaukee Tool Authorized Dealers..

of Better Business Bureau says. Facebook scams are on the rise in local buying and selling groups. The BBB recommends some tips before buying the sales you see on Facebook:

  1. Take a closer look at the post, profile and website
  2. Do a reverse image search

The VERIFY team used these BBB recommendations to independently review these posts. Here’s what we got.

  1. We have seen a post, profile and website promoting the sale of DEWALT tools

This Facebook post advertises a 24-set DEWALT combo for $39.99. When VERIFY looked closely at the Facebook post, the word CLEARANCE was misspelled. The first red flag.

Looking at the Facebook page, it appears to be a clothing brand with 10 followers. Second red flag.

Then we went to the website that was shared from the Facebook post. That totally led us to a well-designed website. The homepage of the website still offers template text such as “Enter description here”. The third red flag.

More from VERIFY: 3 ways to avoid clicking on malicious links

  1. We’ve done a reverse image search on posts that claim to feature device sales.

VERIFY did a reverse image search for this Facebook post Sale announcement on full pallets Milwaukee Tools and this post offer a DEWALT combo set. Both results lead to websites of unauthorized device retailers. For example, some results have resulted. Russian sites And others to what seems to be a Chinese-owned retail space.

Many of the same tools seen on the Home Depot and Lowe’s websites appear on shared images of Facebook posts promoting cheaper appliances.

Credit: Various

Many of the same tools seen on the Home Depot and Lowe’s websites appear on shared images of Facebook posts promoting cheaper appliances.

This is further proof that the images seen on Facebook posts may be taken from official retailers with the intention of deceiving the consumer.

Reverse image searches also revealed that the same image was being used by different “vendors”. This is another example of a scam.

You can report a fraudulent seller. Milwaukee Tool and charging DEWALT Vol On their website, and the distributors will investigate further. The companies encourage consumers to notify their financial institution as soon as possible if a purchase has been made from a fraudulent site.

The VERIFY team works to separate fact from fiction so you can understand what is true and what is false. Please consider subscribing to our daily newsletter, Text alerts And our YouTube Channel. You can also follow us. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook And Tiktok. know more “

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