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Cambridge, England And Waltham, Mass, May 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Abcam plc (NASDAQ: ABCM), (“Abcam,” “Company,” “Group”) (Nasdaq: ABCMA global leader in the supply of life science research equipment today, its founder and former director, Dr. Jonathan Milner He indicated that he would take steps to call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) of the company’s shareholders to elect himself as the executive chairman of the company’s board of directors.

The company is surprised that Dr. Milner decided to make this public statement in view of the ongoing discussions with him regarding the appointment of the board.

Dr. Milner first asked for re-appointment to the board. April 28, 2023He could have sought a resolution at the AGM to achieve his objective less than three weeks before and after the date of the company’s Annual General Meeting (“AGM”). The board was quick to speculate that it would return to the board, including meeting all non-executive directors within 10 days.

Dr. Milner’s request was thoroughly considered by the Nominating Committee and the entire Board of Directors. According to the traditional relationship agreement, Dr. Milner will be given the opportunity to be appointed as a member of the board and it was decided today to reach a consensus in the forum. After informing Dr. Milner that the board might appoint him, he immediately declined the call and asked to name an executive to replace the current chairman.

The company recalled that Dr. Milner gave a press release regarding this question before the board had time to respond. Despite the Board’s clear and consistent efforts to engage constructively with Dr. Milner, the Company is disappointed that it has instead resorted to aggressive tactics in trying to force the Company to accept his request.

Today, the company’s AGM ended with the shareholders voting overwhelmingly in favor of all the resolutions, and the directors received an average of 95% shareholder support.

About Abcam plc

As an innovator in reagents and tools, Abcam’s mission is to serve life science researchers worldwide to accelerate their mission. Providing tools and scientific support to the research and clinical communities, the company provides highly validated antibodies, assays and other research tools to address important targets in critical biological pathways.

A pioneer in data sharing and e-commerce in the life sciences, Abcam’s ambition is to be the most influential company in the life sciences by helping to develop global understanding of biology and disease pathogenesis, which in turn, leads to new treatments and improved health.

Abcam’s global customer base of approximately 750,000 life science researchers uses Abcam’s antibodies, reagents, biomarkers and assays. By actively listening to and collaborating with these researchers, the company continuously expands its portfolio to meet their needs. Transparent customer reviews and data sheets combined with industry-leading validation initiatives give researchers confidence in their results.

Established and headquartered in 1998 Cambridge, UK, the company has served customers in more than 130 countries. Abcam’s American Depositary Shares (ADS) are traded on the Nasdaq International Options Exchange (NASDAQ: ABCM).

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