Dermalogica is using ChatGPT for education and warm-ups.


This month, premium skin care brand Dermalogica launched the ChatGPT version of “Dermalogica: The Book,” a skin care treatment manual used to train professional skin care therapists. The brand’s broader push into technology integration is focused on equipping employees to use AI instead of replacing it.

As chatGPT and AI become hot topics around the beauty business, Dermalogica is looking to get in early. The new version of “dermalogica: The book” integrates chatbot-style AI functionality that allows therapists to ask questions on the dedicated website. A chatbot gives skin care therapists a quick and personalized way to educate themselves about brand products, apps and salon operators. Therapists who type a question into the box will receive a customized answer about the products and applications.

Aurelian Lees, CEO of Global Dermalogica, says touch-focused skin care services aren’t set to be replaced by AI, but wants to ensure the brand’s therapists are up to speed as new devices come to market. “Man is not like IBM. announced That they stop hiring for all positions that can be eliminated by AI. I want my employees to have the skills to be leaders of the AI ​​revolution and not followers,” he said.

Search is a growing area for generative AI applications. “TThere are 10 billion search queries here. [on Microsoft] But one day, we estimate that half will be unanswered,” said Sarah Mody, director of global search and AI product marketing at Microsoft. Microsoft has come out with the AI ​​search chatbot tool Microsoft Edge this year. “People are using search to do things they weren’t originally designed to do. It’s great for finding a website, but for complex questions or tasks, it often falls short. And that’s where Gen AI comes in.

Dermalogica explains to recruiters that the chatbot works with ChatGPT to ensure transparency. Ethical Concerns are still a matter of integrating brands. And the Dermalogica book will continue to be available in its usual web format. “We’re not going to force people into something they’re probably not ready to use.” Lis said.

“Unlike other technology tools, generative AI has found real-time applications,” Lees said. “It’s a versatile assistant.” Dermalogica is using AI to write job descriptions, code and translate content for its global business. And Lee sees the possibility of using generative AI to optimize conversion and navigation on the website. “When can suggest different words [a shopper] Searches lead to more defined, faster results and better conversions.

As for the use of other advanced technology and AI, Demalogica kick off AI face mapping tool in 2019. Blockchain certification explores accreditation of therapists by March 2022. And in late March, it launched a non-NFT digital collection as part of its medispa accreditation program. Badge uses blockchain technology to provide immutable proof of therapist credentials through the program. This allows therapists to perform advanced treatments such as LED light therapy. There has never been a standard set of standards, and each state has different esthetician requirements. A Dermalogica study found that 92% of women would be more comfortable visiting an esthetician for advanced medispa procedures if they confirmed the professional’s training.

Those who are recognized will receive a silver digital badge that can be displayed on their website or LinkedIn profile. “Unlike something you buy from Elon Musk for $15, this is something with real-world quality and value,” Lees said.

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