Deputy Attorney General Lisa O. Monaco made their comments after meeting with Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Andriy Kostin | OPA


Comments as provided

Thank you very much, Honorable Attorney General

It’s great to have the Attorney General here with us at the Justice Department, because this week he and I will both be appearing before congressional committees to talk about Ukraine. The last year.

According to the Attorney General, the commitment of the Department of Justice to this work has never been stronger. We are dedicating more resources to ensure accountability and combat those who facilitate Russian weapons.

Those new resources include prosecutors working with international partners to investigate war crimes and other atrocities and crimes of violence. And those resources include ongoing efforts to freeze and seize any Russian assets that we can under the authorities that we have.

As I said on Wednesday, I will appear before Congress to thank them for the tools they have already given us to hold Russia accountable, and discuss what else we can do and what new tools we need. – To ensure accountability and respond to Russian aggression and ensure justice for Ukraine.

Attorney General.

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