Delaware parents talk about issues with the education system | News

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George TownEvidence – On Wednesday night, the grassroots organization, Citizens For Delaware Schools, hosted a town hall at Sussex Central High School to discuss the issues some parents are having with the education system.

The town hall was held from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m

Parents have expressed a desire for more control over the curriculum their children take, especially when it comes to gender identity, sexual orientation, and ethnic studies. Parents also discussed that there is a shortage of teachers in the Delaware school system.

“The state needs to make it a more competitive market for teachers,” says parent Paul Fried.

Another concern discussed was safety.

“It’s scary… my son came home worried about his safety at school,” says the mother of her young son, Jane Brady. “I’ve seen videos uploaded online of actual fights one day and two days later a big fight in the hallway. And not just two boys going to him.” , but six or eight kids are in a fight in the middle of the floor in the hall.”

The organizers ended the meeting and urged the public to vote in the upcoming school board election on May 9.