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City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

This week’s crews were pictured working on a new Target storefront in West Ellicott. Although an opening date has not been announced, the company is currently staffing the store.

A Fairmount Avenue store in West Ellicott has made its big move to a larger location while another long-awaited company is taking steps to hire employees.

Evans Wines & Liquors officially opened this week after nearly a year in the making. Its location is that of the former Alfie’s Restaurant at 986 Fairmount Ave. and is located directly down the road from the former store at 1013 Fairmount Ave.

Owner Dan Evans could not be reached for comment on the new store opening. In a message posted Wednesday to Facebook, the company stated: “Please be patient as all of our staff learn the new design and storage as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile, renovations are still underway at the former Kmart next to Wegmans that will eventually transform the vacant 117,000-square-foot building into one of Target’s largest stores.

Target first confirmed in November 2024 that it plans to set up a store in Ellicott City. Although no opening date has been announced, the company is listing job openings for the store on its website.

Evans Workedited

Evans Wines & Liquors has opened in its new location on Vermont Street. PJ images by Eric Tichy

Starting this week, applications can be submitted for a variety of positions, including general merchandise, fulfillment, food and beverage, cashier, cart attendant and specialist sales. Starbucks was mentioned along with general merchandise and food-related jobs as the popular coffee shop chain will be inside the 975 Fairmount Ave store.

On several occasions, a Target spokesperson said the company would announce an opening date and worker numbers closer to the completion of construction work.

Target Corp. previously filed a petition in the State Supreme Court in Chautauqua County against the Town of Ellicott to reduce the appraised value of the property. In its petition, the company alleged that the $3.4 million valuation was higher compared to similar properties.

Target is seeking a $1.7 million valuation, half the current valuation, that would significantly reduce the property tax bill.

The city, through its attorney Marilyn Fury Lyman, filed an answer to the petition at the end of August in 2024. In its response, Fury Lyman indicated that Target Corp. purchased the former Kmart property in October 2024 for $3.15 million. Obtaining a building permit for the improvements, estimated to cost $4.5 million.

Ellicott asked the court to dismiss the petition. No other documents related to the petition have been uploaded online.

In other Fairmount Avenue news, social media announcements indicate that work may soon begin to convert a former resale car lot into a Blue Buffalo car wash.

Developer Joseph Spino spoke to members of the Lakewood Village Council last August after submitting plans for the site. The project calls for the removal of the former Spacc Lakewood Resale at 373 E. Fairmount Ave. and building a new 3,150-square-foot structure.

Spino told the trustees last year that the car wash will be drive-thru and will involve vacuuming along the sidewalk near the property. He said the facility would not be open 24 hours.

Blue Buffalo Car Wash reported on its Facebook page that construction will begin at the Lakewood site this spring. Posts sponsoring Blue Buffalo Car Wash and its new locations have appeared on social media.

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