Council launches DrinkCoach digital tool to help residents tackle their alcohol use – Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council


Rotherham Council has partnered with DrinkCoach to help residents get personalized alcohol advice and support on their phone, tablet or laptop.

Rotherham residents can access free online training sessions that connect them with a drinking coach via video call. Sessions are confidential and convenient with daytime, evening and weekend appointments.

DrinkCoach, an online commissioning service, allows people to rate how dangerous their drinking is and receive personalized advice online. The website helps residents find local advice and support options.

An estimated 31.1% of residents in Rotherham drink more than the recommended guidelines of 14 units of alcohol per week. (1) Latest estimates based on 2018/19 data indicate that 1.75% of Rotherham adults are living with alcohol dependence.

By using the DrinkCoach service, the council plans to make this support more accessible. Public Health England (now the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities) estimates that for every high-risk drinker who receives brief advice, there is a £27 cost saving to the health and social care economy. (2)

Cllr David Roche, Rotherham Council’s cabinet member for adult social care and public health, said: “Alcohol dependence has a devastating impact on people’s lives, affecting their health, work and financial situation. However, support is there – regardless of your background or level of dependency, you can get tailored and compassionate advice and support through DrinkCoach. Please take the DrinkCoach online test to see how you can track and change your drinking habits and find the support that’s right for you.

The DrinkCoach Alcohol Test is a quick and confidential way for residents to find out how dangerous their drinking is. By answering 10 simple questions, the examinee receives advice and, when necessary, information on local face-to-face support options.

Residents can take a 2-minute alcohol test online at Or search for Drink Coach on Google.

Although many people like alcohol responsibly, it can have negative effects. The Department of Health says 83% of people who drink more than the recommended guidelines don’t know they’re putting their health at risk. (3)

To keep health risks from alcohol to a minimum, the Chief Medical Officer recommends that it is safest not to drink more than 14 units per week. For people who regularly drink up to 14 units per week, it is best to spread the drink evenly over three or more days.

DrinkCoach is powered by Humankind Charity and provides the tools you need to track and change your drinking, including a free app available on iOS and Android.

More information about DrinkCoach is available online at


(1) Data from weighted estimates for the Health Survey for England (2015-2018 combined, by LAPE, PHE). Compared to the UK average of 22.8%.

(2) Public Health England (2016). Environmental Health and Care Planning: List of Preventive Interventions, p.13. Full text available:


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