Complaints appear for channel 4 near 1300 – deadline

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The glove is closed for the fourth channel Naked Education.

The UK’s media regulator, Ofcom, has received 1,297 complaints over controversial body image display, as outrage is growing over the form of adults parading naked in front of young teenagers.

The complaints were a common number for the first two episodes of the six-part season, which air on Channel 4 in the UK on Tuesday nights.

The show, hosted by Anna Richardson, depicts full frontal nudity before the 9pm time slot, a threshold in the UK that protects young viewers from potentially harmful content.

Ofcom has not yet decided whether to launch an investigation into it Naked EducationHowever, Channel 4 strongly defended the format, which was made by All3Media-owned Betty TV.

said Ian Katz, Channel 4’s chief content officer Naked EducationHer ambition to address anxiety about body image was to “broadcast a valuable public service”.

Anyone suggesting a Channel 4 show Naked Education promoting pedophilia or child abuse, he almost certainly didn’t see it.”

“The show counters the dangerous myths and toxic images that are bombarded with teens by exposing them to real, normal bodies and engaging them in an open, safe conversation about them.”