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City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

Welcome – Welcome City Council met on Tuesday evening. The auditor, Greg Burckhardt, reported the results of the Welcome City audit. The city had an unmodified opinion which is a clean audit. City Clerk Deb Hanson has been praised for her accounting skills and support for auditors. The company recommended that more attention be paid to the investments the city enjoys. A healthy budget will contain reserves to run the city for at least a year. The welcome reserves will allow them to work for 21 months in government areas such as the Fire Department and the Emirates Diplomatic Society. The work area is a bit less and you’ll be fine for 14 months. The reserve should be about 50 percent of next year’s budget but the welcome is over 100 percent which is great.

Revenue exceeded the budgeted amount. The general fund balance was $400,000 in the plus category. Utility funds weren’t good. The water fund was running a deficit when they did the cash flow analysis. They recommended raising water prices, or transferring some of it from the public fund to water, or considering it as a loan to the water fund. The cash flow analysis of the sewage fund was also deficient but not large and the rates were sufficient for this fund. There are things that city audit recommends why not

state compliance. One of the things the welcome has to work on is reconciling the scrutiny with what’s already in the city council. The debt report was delivered on time but the report was delayed by the county. The whole council should look for anything out of the ordinary. Operators from the Fire Department were required to ensure that checks were approved by the mayor, clerk, and fire chief. Later in the meeting, the council agreed to this proposal. Burckhardt commended the council for the good job they had done for the welcome.

In further work, Jay Mulso reported for the fire department’s scrutiny. The call fund that pays from those who have served does not receive the proper payment sometimes 40 percent of the time after an accident on I-90 because people are out of state. Insurance usually covers the expenses and local calls are usually paid. The equipment fund is owned by the city because they own the equipment. The Relief Society Fund is for retirement only and is assisted by state aid and annuities. they have

Investments such as CDs can be used for large expenses.

The General Fund is assisted by fundraisers because they are a 401.3 nonprofit organization. The council thanked the firefighters for providing the audit materials and assured them that the city council understood and would support them.

In other works, a report by Travis Winter, engineer with Boulton and Mink, on EDA-owned land north of District 26 near the pond. He stated that applications for permits had been submitted and that sewage, water and storm sewer plans were being planned for the land. Those will turn towards Dugan and Bidwell Streets. He presented to the Council the area’s plans to establish six residential plots. He estimated the cost to be around $300,000 and for the project to be in the fall. The board will discuss plans at the next meeting or plan a special meeting. When plans are drawn up, bids can be submitted.

A City Works employee asked the council for some supplies such as street signs and cones that could total more than $1,000. The board approved the expense and also approved an increase of $2 per hour for the part-time employee. A City Works employee also inquired about installing doors in the shelter and the council gave their approval.

The police chief stated that there is a list of violators and that photos were taken. Offenders have been informed that they need to clean the items now. Welcome clean day will be April 29th for welcome residents only.

There is almost always a guaranteed two-year contract with the officers of the Police Department jointly with the Police Commission.

In other news, the council:

– A $2,000 donation has been accepted from the Fox Lake Conservation Club for the Summer Festival.

The next Welcome City Council meeting is planned for 6pm on May 2, at Welcome City Hall.

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