Broadneck High’s Melissa Quigley is named Health Education Teacher of the Year

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Melissa Quigley

Tonight, Unified Health and Dance teacher Melissa Quigley at Brodnick High School was named National Health Education Teacher of the Year by SHAPE America. The award is given to outstanding teachers who demonstrate exceptional teaching skills and provide students with the knowledge and skills to practice and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Quigley, a 21-year veteran teacher, was named Eastern Province’s award winner in December. She has spent her entire career teaching at Broadneck and has had the opportunity to teach various courses in health, physical education, and dance including Health, Human Sexuality, Sports Medicine, Dance for Athletes, Uniform Dance, Fit for Life, and Team Sports.

“I am so awe and so humbled by this experience,” Quigley said moments after announcing the award at the SHAPE America National Conference in Seattle. “I want to thank the entire HPED community for inspiring me to be the health educator that I am today. My family at Broadneck High School supports me with ideas and initiatives to make our community a healthier place across the county to inspire and educate others.”

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Quigley is chair of health, physical education, and dance at Brodnick. She is a counselor for the Bruin Dance-athon and One Love Club, chairs the school’s health committee, and is the assistant varsity hockey coach and junior school lacrosse coach.

“There is no one deserving of this award,” said Rachel Keneally, Principal of Brodnick High School. “I am very proud of her and our students are very lucky to have her. Not only is she an outstanding health educator, she is a fierce advocate for students with disabilities and the wellness of students and staff in general. Her influence at Brodnick is far-reaching and will be felt for years to come.”

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