Bing Webmaster Tools to find Bing Chat and index coverage report


Microsoft Bing is updating Bing Webmaster Tools to add reporting and tools around the new Bing Chat feature and new index coverage reporting. This was announced by Microsoft Bing Chief Product Manager Fabrice Cannell during a keynote at PubCon Austin this morning.

Bing Chat in Webmaster Tools. Bing Webmaster Tools should add Bing Chat integration to publishers, content creators, and site owners to see how well the chat feature is sending their site. It will be part of the Bing Performance Report and will show impressions, clicks, click-through rate and more.

Here is a photo of this report from Jennifer Sleigh at Twitter:

Bing Chat Webmaster Tools 800X600
Bing Webmaster Tools To Find Bing Chat And Index Coverage Report 5

Index coverage report. Additionally, Fabrice announced a new index coverage report coming to Bing Webmaster Tools. This report shows how your pages on your site are indexed by Bing search. If pages are being indexed or pages are having problems indexing.

Photo for this report is from Patrick Stokes. Twitter:

Bing Index Cover 800X450
Bing Webmaster Tools To Find Bing Chat And Index Coverage Report 6

Why do we care? With all the fear, confusion, and anxiety surrounding these new chat AI features, having a report on how many people are seeing our links, clicking our links, and visiting our pages will be valuable to publishers, content creators, and site owners. In addition, the new index coverage report helps site owners understand which pages are not indexed, so they can work on improving the index through IndexNow, sitemaps, or other means.

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