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Better skills, better jobs, better future: The college launches a new program

Posted at 9:33 am Thursday, April 20, 2023

Davidson-Davie Community College has launched a new program Information site on the Internetas well as a digital advertising campaign, to quickly and efficiently share job training programs and college information with adults across the region.

Interested adults are encouraged to visit Societycollege To find out more and sign up to communicate directly with the college.

“Within just a few months on our campus, adult learners can gain the skills, credentials, and degrees they need for a better job, a bigger salary, and a brighter future for themselves and their families,” said Dr. Susan Burleson. Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs at the College. “We offer flexible and affordable certificate, diploma, and degree programs. Our team will help you find the right one for you.”

part of better skills. Better business. better future. The initiative includes direct outreach to adults who previously earned some college credits but left without a degree or certificate, special community events and earned promotions, digital marketing and advertising, and personalized materials designed to help more adult learners quickly reconnect and reenroll.

The vast majority of today’s highest-paying jobs require more than a high school diploma, but less than half of North Carolina residents ages 25 to 44 have the education and training needed to fill these jobs. Meanwhile, employers across the region are frantically searching for the skilled talent needed to fill existing positions.

That is why Davidson Davie Community Collegethe John M Belk FoundationAnd My futureand many other state and local partners are working together to launch a special outreach campaign to attract more adult learners back to college.

“We know that many in our state are looking for new challenges or a fresh start, and we believe our community colleges are a great place to start their journey. Our goal is for all North Carolinians to have an education that leads to skills, credentials, certifications, and ultimately opportunities to pursue their dreams and help in meeting workforce needs throughout our state,” said MC Belk Pilon, President and Chairman of the John M. Belk Endowment.

For more information on Better Skills. Better business. better future. initiative, please visit: Societycollege.