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To determine the best web developers for small businesses, Forbes Consulting considered more than 25 of the most popular providers in the space, narrowing them down to 15 for analysis in five main categories, with a total of 27 different metrics. These are then weighted to promote features that small business owners find useful in a website builder.

Here are the key parameters we analyzed.


To determine the best website builders for small businesses, we considered pricing and affordability. This includes not only the lowest price, but also various plans and contracts, pricing and any money back guarantees. We weight value at 10% of the total score.

General features

We analyzed the top website builders on the various features available, including drag and drop site editors, storage and bandwidth limitations, well-designed themes and templates, image libraries, e-commerce features, security, search engine optimization tools, and built-in marketing tools ( eg lead forms and automated email marketing). Traits make up 30% of the total score.

additions and inclusions

In addition to the main features, we’ve looked at which providers offer money-saving extras. For example, free domain name, free SSL certificates, free business email or free email marketing tools. These important additions will account for 20% of the total score.

Ease of use

We’ve analyzed how intuitive and user-friendly each of the above website builders are to find the one that lets you build a business website quickly and easily with little to no learning curve. This accounts for 7.5% of the total score.

Third party user reviews

To verify our own experience lines with the experiences of real customers, we looked at third-party user reviews. Then, we determined how users typically find each other website builder, including their likes and dislikes. This accounts for 7.5% of the total score.

First-hand professional

We’ve included our own first-hand experience using websites and developers to find out which ones are the best. This includes pricing and whether or not there are hidden fees or unexpected costs associated with certain website builders, how many themes and templates can be customized, and how easy it is to build a site with the site editor. This accounts for 7.5% of the total score.

A Study of Canadian Spelling and Distinction by Anna Ray.

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