Best Free Project Management Software (2023) – Forbes Advisor


When evaluating the best project management software available, we looked at various factors such as pricing, overall features, additional features, reviews and ratings, and expert ratings. We assigned a weighted score to each value and narrowed the field down to the top contenders based on their total scores.


Pricing is an important factor when choosing project management software, and we have given this category a 30% weight. This category includes the availability of a free version and the cost of the original paid plan.

General features

We gave 30% weightage to this category, which includes important project management features such as role assignment, timelines, Gantt charts, software integrations, dependencies, and mobile app support.

Additional features

Additional features can add significant value to a project management tool, and this category is given a 15% weight. We noted that the software offers budgeting tools, verification features, billing and invoicing, and guest/customer access.

Reviews and recognition

Reviews and recognition are important indicators of product quality and customer satisfaction. Considering its ranking on platforms like Capterra and Trustpilot, we have given 15% weightage to this category.

Professional results

Finally, we evaluated the results of experts, which include features, value for money, popularity and ease of use. We have given this category 10% weightage to ensure that we consider both user and expert opinions on each product.

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