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Figure 2. Familiarity and knowledge of ESG investing among retail investors with taxable accounts

“ESG investing is a great way to put your money behind companies you can trust,” says Kaylan Purcell, founder of Till and owner of Purcell Communications.

ESG investing – an approach that incorporates environmental, social and governance information into the investment process – has become a popular proposition. And yet, many everyday investors don’t understand it or how to use it. To fill this gap, Till Investors, an independent educational initiative, is creating no-cost, low-cost tools to help guide people who want to align their investments with their values.

“People are excited to know they can use their investment dollars,” said co-founder Ben Vivary, CEO of Purcell Communications, Financial Communications. Since 2005, he has prepared financial education and information. “But getting started can be difficult.”

FINRA’s report details a growing need — and a gap in understanding

A 2022 report from FINRA’s Investor Education Foundation and NORC, a research organization at the University of Chicago, reaffirms the growing interest in ESG investment options. In their research, among the investors in the survey:

  • 57% agree that investing makes a positive difference in the world.
  • 77% believe that socially responsible funds align with their personal values
  • 63% believe that companies have at least some responsibility for environmental and social issues

And yet: only 28% report that they “know” how ESG investing works, and only 9% have ESG investments.

(Please see image titled: “FINRA Report-Figure 2).”

up to tools

Until investors start filling this gap with new resources on their websites, As an educational effort, Till does not sell or recommend specific investments, but provides free and low-cost tools and information.

  • as long as Profiles of ESG fund managers Explain ESG fund options (ie funds that incorporate environmental, social and governance information into their analysis) using examples and common questions that make sense to every investor.
  • To “What is your fighting style?” A quiz is a fun way to gauge your interest in sustainable investing – and give you a starting point for finding a fund that’s right for you.
  • of ESG 101 The section on Till’s website answers the most common questions investors have about what ESG is and why it matters, as well as a step-by-step journey to making your first sustainable investment.

Going beyond values

“ESG investing is a great way to put your money behind companies you can trust,” says Kaylan Purcell, founder of Till and owner of Purcell Communications. But as financial educators, we see lasting financial benefits that long-term investors should take advantage of.

he said Sufficient evidence Analyzing non-financial information leads to better returns and better risk controls. Because of this, Till believes ESG investing will be sustainable despite the recent political upheaval. Large institutions and extremely wealthy individuals invest in this way; With a little help, everyday investors can do the same.

up to investors

Till is an independent education initiative founded by Ben Vivari and Kaylan Purcell. Ben and Kyle have been translating “finance-speak” for a long time, and they know a lot about what investors want – and why investing sometimes frustrates them. Importantly, they are not selling any specific funds or investment vehicles. Instead, they’re helping investors find the funds they love, see their investments in a new way, and make money in more ways than one.

They will also publish a book this fall called Sustainable Investing: The ESG Starter Kit for Everyday Investors.

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