Amazon Web Services, Accenture and WindEurope launched a digital tool to accelerate licensing


Amazon Web Services, Accenture and WindEurope launched a digital tool to accelerate licensing

Aws Permitting

Allowing wind to be deployed at scale remains the biggest hurdle. An estimated 80 GW of wind power capacity is currently stuck in permitting processes across Europe. It takes a very long time for developers to receive permits – up to nine years in some countries. This is incompatible with the EU’s climate and energy ambitions – last year the EU only installed 16 GW of new wind, and needs an average of 31 GW annually to meet its targets.

Amazon Web Services (AWS), Accenture and WindEurope have come together to work together on a solution, creating EasyPermits, a digital permitting tool that streamlines the approval process for wind farms in Europe. The EasyPermits platform provides a single place for stakeholders to automate workflows, increase accuracy for wind permit applications, and increase process transparency. All this should contribute to a streamlined licensing process.

Malgosia Bartosic, Deputy CEO of Wind Phone, said: “More wind power projects are needed to reach the new EU 2030 42.5% renewables target. The new EU renewed directive mandates EU countries to digitize their permitting processes within two years: this is a game changer. Now we need to digitize municipalities, city planners and authorities to deliver this.” We need tools. The right tools will make licensing processes more efficient, save time and money for all stakeholders and improve social acceptance, ensuring that no one is left behind in Europe’s energy transition. We need rules and tools. Regulation alone will not do it.

A more detailed description of the device is available on Amazon Web Services. Blog posts.

You can see how the device works in the video below.

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