AISD will reveal the TEA’s appeal decision on Monday

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Austin (KXAN) – Austin ISD is still looking to fill special education teacher positions. This comes as the Texas Education Agency plans to implement a restoration team for the special education department.

The Austin ISD has been given until April 17 to appeal the decision, and the district told KXAN it will reveal its decision on Monday.

The TEA has outlined plans to implement a portfolio management team to improve special education services at Austin ISD. This decision follows a TEA investigation of a school district’s backlog in special education evaluations.

The most recent data from the end of January showed that AISD was behind in nearly 1,800 special education assessments, including initial assessments and reassessments—which the district must do in order to identify students with disabilities and children who need support or additional services.

In February, KXAN spoke with newly appointed interim supervisor Matías Segura, at the time he said the district had been meeting with TEA staff about the backlog regularly throughout the year. Segura said the biggest challenge for the district is retaining enough staff to complete evaluations.

“I’ve noticed some changes at the district level that are starting in the right direction. We have a school board and an interim superintendent who seem to understand the seriousness and urgency of the problem and seem to be more proactive and less engaged,” said Eric Ramos, who was a special education teacher in the district.

Currently, AISD offers a $5,000 grant annually to teachers of special education classes. Filling these positions has been more difficult, not only in AISD, but in other areas around Central Texas. This Saturday, the district will be holding a job fair from 9 a.m. to noon at the Austin Convention Center.