AISD is asking the Texas Education Agency to reconsider the restoration

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The Austin school district is requesting a review of the Texas Education Agency’s March 31 report that recommended hiring a state warden to oversee the district’s special education department and help fix a backlog of assessments.

However, in an announcement Monday afternoon, the district said it needed more time to implement its work-in-progress plans to complete the hundreds of backlogged special education evaluations.

The discussion unfolds in Austin against the backdrop of a TEA takeover of the Houston school district, a decision that has been in the works for years and the state said was prompted by low academic scores at some schools.

Unlike the situation in Houston, TEA is not proposing to take over the Austin area. Instead, the administrator will place a few people to help supervise the Austin Special Education Department.

The Austin School District Has A Severe Backlog In Evaluating Whether Students Should Obtain Special Education Accommodations.

Instead of the governor, the officials said Monday afternoon that the district wants the TEA to install a monitor to report on the county’s work, not obligate him.

Interim Superintendent Matias Segura said in a statement that the district is experiencing a backlog in assessing whether students should have special education accommodations, but since January it has implemented a new system for tracking those evaluations, giving special education staff financial incentives and creating systemic changes. .