Air India’s upgrade plans include ChatGPT Chatbot, which improves website, app and other customer-facing processes.


Air India is actively updating not only its fleet but also the back and front end technologies. The airline has indicated that it will integrate ChatGPT and other Generative AI technologies.

Air India has been undertaking a revolutionary 360-degree transformation program called “Vihaan.AI Transformation Program” to better connect with its customers and ensure seamless communication. As part of the modernization process, the airline is incorporating Generative AI platforms into almost all front-end and back-end services for both customers and airline staff.

Air India has updated all aspects of its commercial passenger aviation

Air India is said to have invested around $200 million in new digital systems and digital engineering services. The airline has previously said it is creating an industry-leading digital workforce.

The Tata Group-owned airline has been building a modern digital and technology team. It has research and development teams in Kochi and Gurugram as well as Silicon Valley in the United States, said Sathya Ramaswamy, chief digital and technology officer of Air India.

“Technology transfer at Air India is broad in scope and encompasses the airline’s commercial, engineering, operations, ground handling, finance, human resources and corporate functions.”

“…We’re taking a cloud-only, mobile-friendly, design-rich, AI-infused, digital-first approach to all of our technology initiatives that we rapidly execute.”

As part of the modernization, Air India is rolling out new technology systems, including “updated website and mobile application, user-friendly customer notification system, chatbot powered by ChatGPIT, updated in-flight entertainment system and customer service portal with real-time customer support inquiry tracking,” he added. Ramaswamy.

Air India relies on ChatGPT for better communication with customers

Modern generative artificial intelligence (AI) platforms like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google Bard are the obvious choices for many consumer-facing companies. These platforms receive and understand complex questions, and provide easy-to-understand answers driven by a wealth of data.

Airlines are one of the largest data-intensive industries. Generative AI platforms can quickly process data and provide actionable and user-friendly answers, solutions or insights.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that Air India has decided to use ChatGPT and similar platforms to better communicate with its customers. By the way, Air India is updating several systems including passenger service system and departure control system, sales system, engineering management system, routing management, fuel management and sustainability.

In addition to the back-end services mentioned above, front-end platforms such as customer engagement, employee empowerment and process improvement systems can have Generative AI. Needless to say, the inclusion of generative AI platforms in the conceptual, planning and deployment stages should in itself help Air India immensely.

Air India employees can also benefit from ChatGPIT as the company provides digital workplace tools, employee engagement and self-service portals, mobile devices for pilots, cabin crew, airport operations staff, learning and development tools and automated employee onboarding and registration. Among other platforms, the Tata-owned company confirmed the press release.

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