Advantages and disadvantages of AI-generated content


AI-generated content is becoming more and more popular, but many people wonder how to use it and if it looks really authentic.

AI is rapidly developing across the technology spectrum, including supply chains, the food industry, chatbots, and content and image generation. Critics argue that these AI systems are stealing people’s intellectual property with large-scale models such as OpenAI’s Dall-E. And people are wondering if AI will take the place of artists and illustrators.

OpenAI has introduced a similar AI program for content known as ChatGPT. This bot is more general-purpose and offers an open-ended question for users to ask questions, place orders, or request views. The bot answers both broad and specific questions. The system has yielded answers that professors and other educators say are broad enough to achieve good results. However, after further review, some sources — such as Stack Overflow for coders and developers — found the information incorrect and temporarily blocked answers using this system. ChatGPT has no restrictions on the answers it can provide, so a user is allowed to search how to find mines and shop fixes. More controversy.

Businesses are looking for tools to help them create and copy content. A similar question is being asked whether AI will replace content writers. While AI-generated content may not be right for everyone in copywriting, there are some great ways to use these tools.

What is AI-generated content?

AI-generated content such as blogs, marketing materials, articles, and machine-written copy of product descriptions. After a person enters information such as keywords, phrases and titles, the AI ​​content creator generates the content.

AI-generated content helps speed up the writing process, and businesses are starting to pay attention. Marketers may consider using AI-generated content to automate the content marketing process, which can sometimes be time-consuming and expensive.

How does AI-generated content work?

To generate content, users enter the desired text format, title, and keywords. Then the AI ​​searches the internet and transcribes what matches the requested format. Some tools rewrite existing business content to add information based on web searches and editing tools. These tools can take this existing content and revamp it to fit other forms of communication, such as turning a blog article into a social media post or email draft.

There are free content generators available, but others charge for more in-depth content.

What are the benefits of AI-generated content?

AI-generated content can be useful in many ways. Here are some of its benefits.

Efficiency and measurement

AI can create content faster than humans, which is probably its biggest advantage. An AI tool can generate an article in minutes. It takes a human writer a lot of time to do all the research and writing.

Multiply that quick turnaround by the number of posts, and an AI tool can generate massive amounts of content.

AI also helps with language localization for different geographies and can create social media with personalization for different pages.

cost effective

Hiring quality content writers can cost a few hundred dollars per project, depending on the length of the article, the number of pieces, and the technical expertise required. And that could be money well spent on high-quality, well-researched content.

Some AI writing tools are free, while others charge a monthly subscription fee. Pricing typically runs $100 for tens of thousands of words.

AI-generated content may be better for simple content than articles that require expertise and authority.

Improves SEO

AI content generators scroll through thousands of online documents to extract the information. By looking at all these documents, generators choose keywords to improve search engine optimization (SEO). An AI tool can suggest keywords for a content writer. Using these keyword suggestions in an article, if it follows the rest of the authority guidelines and is human-written, the content will appear higher in search engine rankings.

Beat writer’s block

Writer’s block is a common obstacle for many people. Sometimes writers can have trouble creating authoritative content for a subject they know little about.

To help overcome this hurdle, AI tools can generate outlines and key points to help the writer decide what to include in the article. AI tools can help the individual overcome writer’s block and brainstorm ideas to get started.

What are the disadvantages of AI-generated content?

There are some considerations for AI-generated content. Some content is better written by a human writer. Here are some disadvantages of AI-generated content.

Quality concerns and potential fake news

AI relies on data and algorithms for content. The intended sound can be lost. AI tools can cover the black and white areas of a topic, but the gray areas are more realistic.

Because search engines pull from the same sources, they can index content that is similar to published materials. AI tools can group content from different websites together and rename them. Without adding the right flow, this process goes against Google’s “content matching and integration” guidelines. The content must be authoritative and informative, which is difficult to do when collecting information from various websites without proper human review.

Algorithms reduce the value of content

Google announced Helpful content update In August 2022, it will highlight “important content written by people for people”. A search engine crawler defines that content is sought after by humans, providing a more integrated and satisfying approach to SEO.

The amendment appears to penalize content originally created to rank higher in search engine results. AI tools first evaluate SEO results without actually understanding the text, so the results are focused on keywords and not informative for the reader.

Lack of creativity and privacy

Creative content makes articles more engaging. People tend to share articles they feel connected to, but AI doesn’t have the emotional intelligence to create a story, instead adding facts to a list.

AI relies on existing web content and data to develop vocabulary. AI does not understand the user’s needs for questions and still lacks a common understanding of human behavior.

Human editing is still needed

People still need to read AI-generated content. It saves time, but people still need to engage and review articles for quality.

AI tools combine information from multiple sites into one piece. Product descriptions like textures and colors may have some mix-ups to adjust because AI tools don’t understand aliases.

It is not possible to generate new ideas

AI tools use existing data for content, so this means you can’t come up with fresh ideas or original content. AI tools make it difficult to come up with new content with new, trending ideas and topics.

Ways to use AI-generated content

AI-generated content is best used as an adjunct to writing rather than relying strictly on technology. Here are some ways to use AI tools for content support

  • Research. For writers who organize topics or come up with ideas, AI-generated content can help them get started. Some tools provide suggestions on what to include for broad topics to help narrow down the research process.
  • Beat writer’s block. For writers who know their keyword or topic, AI-generated content tools can help them get started by providing a few hundred words on that topic. Some tools recommend headers so writers can move and edit their content.
  • Checking current material. Writers can run through AI tools for a section to ensure that an essay is optimized. The tool can also highlight keywords and phrases that should be used. AI tools help check grammar and correct spelling mistakes.
  • Write a short content. AI tools can produce a lot of content in a short time, so they are a good way to reduce boredom with repetitive tasks. While some relationships require a more emotional side, some briefs don’t. Product descriptions, metatags, ad copy, and social media posts are examples of shorthand for content generators.
  • Language translation. To find written material that appeals to all audiences, AI generators can help translate content into different languages.
  • Create templates. AI tools help to create emails or other templates. Some AI tools offer a variety of ready-made templates for people to plug in custom data.

An example of AI-generated content

There are many AI content generators. Here is an example of how it works using a program called COPY:

  1. Choose a style on the left.
  2. Topic Answer.
  3. Add key points.
  4. Choose a voice.
A Screenshot Of The Copyai Generator Shows The Options For Creating Content
Here is a screenshot of the CopyAI content generator with information from creating text.

A couple of options for text will pop up. Here is the AI-generated content from the input. This was the first option to copy the information in this article:

AI is an amazing technology that has the potential to change our world and how we live. But like any new technology, there are pros and cons to AI-generated content—and businesses should be aware of both before deciding whether or not to use it.

First, the benefits-

1) AI-generated content saves time and money by enabling businesses to produce more content with fewer resources.

2) It allows businesses to create highly personalized content for each customer, resulting in happier customers.

3) AI-generated content ensures that all information is correct, which can help prevent costly lawsuits or bad press if something goes wrong with your business (for example, if you send an email with incorrect information).

Now, let’s talk about some disadvantages:

1) AI-generated content can seem unnatural (like it was written by a robot), which can make customers feel uncomfortable or distrust your business. It doesn’t matter how much effort you put into making sure everything is correct if the end result looks robotic!

2) If someone finds out they are reading AI generated content instead.

Much of the information contained in this TechTarget article is outlined in the AI-generated content above. However, the AI ​​content isn’t particularly comprehensive or engaging — even when you choose a friendly tone. This TechTarget article provides more detail and examples to explain. AI-generated content looks more descriptive and requires more information to flow like human-written text.

How to find AI-generated content

There is a big concern with AI generated content – students will use this tool to cheat. Many professors and teachers have reported that the AI-generated content on ChatGPT has created compelling articles.

To help distinguish between human and AI text, OpenAI announced New AI text classifier on January 31, 2023. There are other online tools that can help identify AI-generated content based on how much someone has written with AI, such as,, or Copyleaks.

OpenAI is also working on creating longer AI-generated text watermarks for faster identification.

In addition to running text on an online AI-content detector, there are a few other telltale signs that content is generated by AI, such as:

  • Lack of typing. Human writing often has spelling and punctuation. AI-generated content rarely contains typos such as grammatical errors or misspellings.
  • Overuse of “the” AI-generated content relies on language to predict which word should be next, so it typically uses words like “the,” “it,” or “is” rather than unusual words.
  • No sources cited. AI-generated text often provides facts and does not cite sources.
  • Shorter sentences. The sentence length of AI content is usually shorter because it is trying to mimic human text, but it looks more crowded than human text.
  • Repetition of words or words. If certain words or phrases are used a lot, this could be a sign of AI-generated content because it’s trying to fill space with related keywords.
  • Lack of analysis. AI can collect data but cannot analyze the data. If an article feels like it’s full of facts without making any sense, it’s probably AI-generated.

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