A woman reveals that companies often lie about jobs being remote and shares some questions you can ask when applying

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Some people are torn between wanting to travel and having a steady job. Fortunately, nowadays there is a way to combine the two, as telecommuting allows you to do your job from anywhere in the world you’re visiting.

However, companies seem to have different definitions of what that means. Or they simply use it to promote themselves, when in reality their offer falls far short of anything similar. This is also known as digital nomad, writer and full-time traveler Julia Masselos Jetsitter JuliaShe warned her followers of her Her TikTok video that became viral. I’ve shared some tips on what to ask during a job interview to ensure the position allows you to become the globe-trotting driver you want to be.

Julia found a way to work full time while traveling the world and shared her vision on TikTok so more people could do the same.

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“Watch out for this trap companies use to try to convince you to apply for their jobs”

“I’ve been a full-time traveler for the past four years, and I’m here to help you see more of the world.
I’m honored to talk to dozens of people every week who want to become digital nomads.”

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“And I spoke to a woman a while ago who told me that she had a job that she wasn’t 100% thrilled about just because she was away.
I thought, “You know, that makes up for the fact that it doesn’t sound like my dream job. At least I’ll have the flexibility to travel more,” which I totally understand, I’ll do the same.

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“What happened though, is that it turned out not to be completely remote, it was a hybrid model where they wanted her in the office a few days a week.”

Even after three months, I decided to quit, unsurprisingly.

Lots of companies are excited to announce that they are away just to take advantage of this trend for people wanting to work with more flexibility. The thing is, that control by itself can mean many different things.”

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It may mean that you can work from home, but you must be in the United States;
• It could mean that you can work remotely, but only within these time zones.
• It may mean you can be away, but you have to be online from nine to five (we’re checking that out!)”

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So here are three tips on what you can do to avoid this trap and ensure that the job you are applying for will give you the freedom you seek.

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1) You want to ask what is the telework policy?

“You’re looking for them to tell you it’s work from anywhere, or if they say they’re primarily a remote company, that’s also usually a very good sign.”

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“2) Ask if they are working in an asynchronous model”

“It basically means they don’t have office hours. You’re not expected to respond to messages right away, you’re given your independence and freedom as a fully capable adult. It also shows a certain level of confidence and flexibility from management and will likely make your time there very nice.”

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“3) Ask how to manage teams spread across different time zones”

I would recommend that you ask someone who currently works for the company – it could be via LinkedIn, for example – and gauge their response to see what they have to say. Ask them what it really feels like to be there. Alternatively, you can check out a website called Glassdoor where former employees can leave feedback about what it was really like to work at a particular company.”

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