A pregnant woman with two jobs is upset about her unemployed boyfriend who forgot to order a burger she was craving, and the internet suggests he’s not the main problem.

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Pregnancy cravings are a bit like a ticking time bomb. Once they get down to business, there is only so much time to take care of the matter before you end up in trouble.

Redditor u / ready – significance 13 said the “AITA” community At the time she got into a fight with her boyfriend over a burger. The guy didn’t get the one thing his girlfriend was craving, which resulted in him falling asleep in the car. However, fellow redditors pointed out that not getting the burger was the only problem with the story. Scroll down to find it as shared by the OP.

Pregnancy cravings are no joke which is why it is important to meet the needs of a pregnant woman

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This woman opened up about a fight with her boyfriend over a burger that led to him falling asleep in the car

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Pregnancy cravings are the reason moms-to-be create the sweetest food combos ever

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No two pregnancies are the same, but both are very likely to trigger food cravings. 50-90% of women Try it in the US, and it’s usually something wild—apples and ketchup, for example, or peanut butter and hot sauce (both groups have been tried by this stout). TikToker Sampling of pregnancy cravings in women).

As with most things related to pregnancy, cravings vary from person to person. However, they usually start during first trimester It peaks within a second. The third trimester is often devoid of cravings, and again, all of pregnancy can take an expectant mother by surprise. So can her taste buds.

It’s unclear why women might seek something as “appetizing” as a pickle juice float. But cravings themselves can be related to hormonal and sensory changes and increased nutritional needs. among other things.

Not only do hormones influence the eating habits of an expectant mother, but also her emotions

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Hormonal changes further affect the nutritional habits of an expectant mother. They are also responsible for surprise Mood Swings, which most often occur in the first trimester. During pregnancy, a woman may feel fussy or cry more than usual, mostly due to increased levels of estrogen and progesterone.

This may be why the OP’s friend blamed it on the pregnancy. And although he thinks she doesn’t care about his feelings, people in the comments might be arguing otherwise. Some of them embarrassed the young man and suspected that his partner was actually crying over a burger.

Covering food cravings is important, but social support is crucial during pregnancy. researchers believe It reduces stressors and improves the emotional and physical well-being of the mother. In addition, according to Apollo’s cradleEmotional support has a positive effect on the pregnancy itself and can help lead to healthier babies.

Redditors had questions for the young woman, and she gave them honest answers and more information about their relationship

Most of the commenters embarrassed the friend, and agreed that the OP wasn’t stupid