A new BettingPros.com experience


Welcome to the new BettingPros.com!

As you can see, things seem small Different.

Our team is working hard to improve your experience with one goal: make it easier for you to win at sports betting.

That’s why we recently redesigned the site to make the best sports betting information and analysis quick and easy.

You’ll still get all the information, tools, and resources you know and love—and a little more along the way.

So, let’s dive deeper into some of the big changes for both the desktop and mobile experiences.

A personalized experience

The first thing you might notice is the brand-new betting hub on the sidebar.

Find all your current betting information including your balance on sportsbooks, current sportsbook sync status and your active and stable bets and select them all in one place.

The sidebar stays with you throughout the site to compare your past and current bets with upcoming odds.

Stay organized and updated with all your latest bets and picks.

New Survey – Desktop

Quickly find the information, analytics and tools you need most with the updated site navigation.

Each sport now has its own section on the site, making it easy for you to get an overview of top betting information.

When you go to Sports you will see the updated scoreboard live scores and betting information.

You can navigate directly to any match for full match details.

In fact, the match pages themselves have received a complete rework.

Get updated and more relevant betting information for every game, including a quick look at top odds and backers, lineups and starters, key injuries and more.

On the sports homepage, you’ll see a feed with the usual information like our featured articles, top and trending player tips, best sportsbook odds.

…and a few new ones like Bet Signals, Daily Odds incentives and more – all specific to that sport.

In addition to making it easier to view each sport in depth, you can jump to any team, player, user or betting group with our updated search tool.

Want to see Otani’s main proposal of the day? An overview of the Chiefs’ upcoming season? Perhaps you want to quickly catch up on Joe Pisapia’s latest bets?

Search has been updated so you can find exactly the information you need to win more bets.

New survey – mobile

Finding the right bet has never been more convenient!

The mobile experience has received a complete overhaul for a cleaner, more intuitive interface and easier navigation.

Switch between areas of the site via the bottom tab bar, including a new site selection section featuring top and trending player proposals, game picks, personalized betting tips and more.

Quickly find the best bets on the go, stay up to date with current odds, lines and predictions, and track all your current and upcoming bets.

Available now.

All these updates are now available on BettingPros.com.

And, to win more bets at home and on the go, check out BettingPros Premium, the easiest and best way to beat the books.

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