9 Cheapest Website Builders in 2023 – Forbes Advisor Canada


When choosing website builders for this list, we focused on ease of use, affordability, functionality, additional features, and customer support. We prefer builders with free forever plans. Here’s a closer look at how we evaluated website builders for inclusion on this list.


We have included website builders that offer free plans. We’ve made it a priority to include website builders with strongly featured free plans. We’ve included builders with $20 CAD per month or less, but starter plans for $7 CAD per month or less. This accounts for 20 percent of our weight score.

Main characteristics

For this list, we looked for website builders who have enough free tools to help businesses meet their goals around website design, publishing, and management. Chief among these is providing a drag-and-drop builder. The website builders on this list offer a drag-and-drop design process exclusively or alternatively, and we’ve ranked them accordingly. We specialize in web developers that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth, social media and email marketing tools and mobile responsive sites, other general features we look for include SEO tools, form builders, landing pages, SSL certificates, free domains and analytics. We made features 30% of our total score.

Third party reviews

We turned to third-party review sites, including G2 and TrustPilot, to gauge the experience of real users using website builders. Those that score well in reviews often score high on customer support, such as live user support options, especially those with 24/7 support. These amount to 15% of the total score.

Professional analysis

For our final analysis, our experts looked at four specific categories: popularity, value for money, prominent or detailed features, and ease of use. For example, for ease of use, we looked for website developers who didn’t need coding skills to design a website. We also looked for other features that make website design easy, including a wide range of website templates, image galleries, logo generators and automatic mobile responsive sites. Generally, these criteria account for 35% of the total score.

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