8 AI-Powered Chrome Extensions to Summarize YouTube Videos


Many YouTube videos are unnecessarily long. This becomes a real problem when you want to get some information quickly, but are forced to watch the entire video.

Fortunately, it is possible to create short, to-the-point summaries of long videos on YouTube. So whether you want to summarize videos for work or personal use, here are eight AI-powered Chrome extensions for summarizing YouTube videos.

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1. Brightness

A Screenshot Of The Brightness Summary

Glarity is an open source Chrome extension that uses ChatGPT to aggregate search results and YouTube videos. The extension works automatically and starts generating a summary as soon as the video starts, displayed on the right side of the video.

Perhaps, the best thing about Glarity is that you can customize the query it sends to ChatGPT. Despite some examples provided by Clarity, you can learn to write effective ChatGPT queries to get better summaries.

You must have a ChatGPT account to use Glarity. There is also an option to add OpenAI’s API key.

If you only want to use Glarity to summarize YouTube videos, you can turn off all other websites from the extension settings. And if you don’t want a summary for every YouTube video you watch, there’s an option to switch to manual mode. By doing this, summaries will only be generated when the button is clicked.

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2. YouTube summary with ChatGPT

Youtube Summary With Screenshot Of Chatgpt Extension

YouTube Summary with ChatGPT does exactly what it says on the tin. In addition to summaries of videos, it also displays transcripts if you don’t want important information to be left out.

After downloading this extension, you will see a “Disclosure and Summary” box at the top right corner of the YouTube video page. Clicking on it will create a copy. Click to create a summary Open AI logoAnd the extension will open ChatGPT in a new tab, you can see the summary.

Like Glarity, it lets you customize the prompt. This extension is also free. But the only downside is that instead of displaying the summary on the same tab, it redirects to the chatgpt website.

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3. Eighty

Eighth Screenshot

Eightify is another GPT-powered Chrome extension for summarizing YouTube videos. After installing this extension, you will see Summary button on the side as a Button. Clicking on it will generate a summary that you can see on the right side of the screen.

Called Eightify, this extension provides an eight-point summary of any YouTube video. This short, easy-to-digest summary will help you understand the entire video. If you need more details, you can expand on any of the eight points. Best of all, you can create summaries in multiple languages.

Eightify’s free plan offers five free summaries on installation and three more every week. In addition to this restriction, you can only summarize a YouTube video for free if it has more than 30,000 views and is less than 60 minutes long.

If you want to compress video that doesn’t meet these requirements, you’ll need to upgrade to Eightify Pro.

take down: eighty (Free, subscription available)

4. Word of mouth

Upword Extension Screenshot

Upword is a powerful AI annotation and summarization tool that helps you not only on YouTube, but on all websites. Although it includes videos, these summaries are not as concise as those provided by other tools.

For example, it provided a 485-word summary of an 11-minute YouTube video, a 77% reduction. Although this ensures that important points are not missed, you will have to spend more time reading summaries. In addition to the summary, it shows a time-stamped transcript on the right. You can use these timestamps to jump to any part of the video.

If you want advanced features like personalization or sharing notes, you’ll have to sign up for the paid plan, which costs $15 a month. But there is a seven-day free trial.

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5. ChatGPT – summing it all up!

Chatgpt Suite Screenshot

ChatGPT – Summing it all up! It is another simple extension for summarizing YouTube videos. By default, the tool uses ChatGPT to provide a short summary paragraph followed by seven bullet points.

However, you can change this format by rewriting the prompt from the extension settings. There is an option to add placeholders for title, URL and language in the query.

This extension can also include articles and other content in addition to YouTube videos. Next to the Summary tab is a tab where you can use Chat GPT directly. If you don’t find any summary useful, you can ask him to redevelop the extension.

This extension also works in different languages. Like Glarity, it also lets you add an OpenAI API key.

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6. YouTube Digest

Youtubedigest Screenshot

YouTubeDigest can create summaries for YouTube videos in various formats. By default, it provides a summary with five bullet points. However, you can change settings to find summaries such as topic sections, individual paragraphs, or articles.

If you select points or units, there is an option to specify the number of points/units. In addition to the option to change the language, you can also export the summary as a PDF or Doc file.

It provides a time-stamped summary so you can skip to any important section. Best of all, YouTube Digest has a text-to-speech feature so there’s no need to read generated summaries.

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7. VidSummize

Vidsummize Screenshot

VidSummize is a GPT-powered extension that can create summaries of YouTube videos for easy digesting. Since it divides the summary into chapters and uses bullet points, you can easily skim through the summary by reading only the important parts.

Although installing the extension makes it easy to summarize YouTube videos, you can use the website to find summaries by posting links to YouTube videos. There is an option to select the language model and customize the questions to get results tailored to your use case. Currently, the device supports 17 languages.

However, to use VidSummize you need to add an OpenAI API key, which you can generate Unlock AI’s API keys Page The best part about VidSummize is that apart from the browser extension, the tool is available as a mobile app for both Android and iOS.

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8. Rio

A Screenshot Of The Rio Extension

As a digital assistant, Rio offers more than summaries of YouTube videos. It works seamlessly with Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google and of course YouTube, helping you to write and read more efficiently.

On any YouTube page, Rio displays a summary box on the right-hand side, asking you whether you need a summary in the form of bullet points, a paragraph, or a short paragraph. Like VidSummize, it offers a text-to-speech feature. Rio displays timestamps with point summaries, but they are not clickable.

Like almost everyone else on the list, Rio is powered by ChatGPT. Therefore, you can find your summary in ChatGPT’s chat history. If you use ChatGPT for other practical purposes like research or writing, this extension can help you a lot.

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Use AI powered browser extensions

Browser extensions are always a handy tool that can help you speed up your workflow. But with the improvements in AI, these add-ons have become incredibly powerful, acting as your personal assistant. Remember not to rely completely on AI as it is not always completely reliable.

The above extensions save you the trouble of watching all the videos by generating a short summary for you to check out. But there are many other ways you can use AI to help you in your daily navigation.

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