5 tools to evaluate the SEO of any website for free


SEO is one of the most important factors in getting new visitors to your page when trying to increase your website’s reach and popularity. But knowing how to improve website SEO can be difficult, especially if you are new to the field.

Fortunately, you don’t need to be an expert to diagnose and fix any problems with your website’s SEO. Today there are many websites that you can access and use as resources. Although some of them have limitations, they are all free to use. Here are the top five.

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Screenshot Of Seobility, A Free Online Seo Checker

First on this list, we have a free SEO checker from Seobility. With good choices and a lot of information available for any website, Seobility is the best website for any task.

Seobility divides the page you’re viewing into an overall point and several smaller points. Beyond that, you’ll find suggested optimizations based on how important COObility is to good SEO.

There’s plenty to sink your teeth into here, like breakdowns of each sub-point, information about meta tags, search previews, keyword analysis, and more. However, the biggest caveat with Sibility is that you can only view three websites per day.

If you’re looking for a truly free solution, then Seobility might not be it. Of course, this limit can be bypassed with a premium plan. Additionally, you get other features like browsing multiple pages, tracking multiple competitors, and more.

Check Out The Free Online Seo Checker For Seo Site Screenshots

Next, we have the aptly named SEO Site Check. SEO Site Checkup is an online service with many features.

SEO Site Checkup is a great way to quickly check the SEO of any website, especially if you’re new to SEO and not entirely sure what needs improvement. SEO Site Check first gives you a score out of 100 that you can use to understand how optimized your website is.

From there, you can scroll through a series of cases and explanations that you can use to get a better understanding of why that score was given.

The best thing about the SEO site check is that when you fail one of the tests, there’s often a button that links you to a YouTube video explaining how to fix the problem. This is a great way to improve your website and learn how to become an SEO expert at the same time.

Unfortunately, SEO SiteCheck only lets you check one website per day for free. Additionally, when you first check a website it will show you a request to sign up for a free trial, although this can be bypassed by clicking ESC.

On top of that, SEO Site Checkup has many of its features locked behind premium accounts. These features include sitemap tests, broken link tests, backlink tests, and more. These features can be accessed for free using a trial account, although that’s only temporary.

Screenshot Of Rankmath'S Free Online Seo Checker

If you’re looking for something you can use to test as many websites as you want, RankMath is a great option to do so.

RankMath starts by giving you an SEO score based on a series of 21 different tests. By scrolling down, you can find more details on each test and what it entails, with a brief explanation of why you passed or failed.

The best part here is that there is also an explanation on how to fix one of these tests if you fail. The explanations here aren’t very detailed, but they’re more than enough to put you in the right direction. With the help of some of the best websites to learn SEO, you won’t have any trouble fixing any issues.

Unlike some of the entries on this list, RankMath has no limit on how many websites you can check per day. This is great as it allows you to easily compare your website to others. You can also freely use it to find out how other websites are rated and why.

Free Online Seo Checker Screenshot Of Seo Tester Online

Next in this list comes the online SEO tester. If you’re looking for a feature-rich and extensive set of SEO tools and tests, then SEO Tester Online might be just what you need.

SEO Tester Online is probably the most comprehensive SEO tester to make this list. Like other SEO testers, SEO Tester Online generates a score for any website you submit based on a variety of metrics.

SEO Tester includes online UX and performance metrics, such as testing the largest content color, initial input lag, and cumulative position shift. If these mean nothing to you, then don’t worry, or alternatively, consider checking out some of the best SEO certification courses.

There are tons of SEO testers you can check online. The SEO review is broken down into a series of categories that you can look at, and each category is scored with an explanation of how you can improve it. But these tips are locked behind a free account.

Screenshot Of Seoptimer, A Free Online Seo Checker

Finally, we have SEOptimer. SEOptimer is an online SEO checker that you can use and access for free. The tool is designed to quickly generate an audit of any website you submit and assign a rating based on three different metrics.

SEOptimer generates a report based on page SEO, usage and performance. From there, you’ll be given an overall score for the website you’re viewing.

Actual check results with SEOptimer can be a little bare bones, especially on parts of your website that are well optimized. Overall, however, SEOptimer does a good job of explaining where you can improve your SEO and how to go about it.

Get more from your website

As you can see, you can start improving your SEO online quickly and easily. All you have to do is plug your URL into a website, and you’ll soon have loads of information to work with. Whether you’re trying to fix one of your websites or you’re thinking of looking at something else, these sites are a great place to start.

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