5 sites for free to use ChatGPT 4 (GPT 4).


The recent announcement by OpenAI regarding the latest language model, GPT-4, has prompted many content creators to try out the new AI capabilities. However, GPT-4 is currently not available for public access and is only accessible to subscribers of the ChatGPT Plus service. Fortunately, there are still some sites that users can access or use. ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) for free.

OpenAI lists only two official ways to do this:

Also, if you’re using a third-party tool built on OpenAI’s API, I’m sure many of you will get GPT-4 soon.

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Here are five websites you can use to access GPT-4.

1. Poe.com

5 Sites For Free To Use Chatgpt 4 (Gpt 4). 13

Poe is a platform that lets you explore and interact with bots powered by a variety of third-party large-scale language models (“LLMs”) and developers including OpenAI and Anthropic. Po can also allow you to create your own bots powered by these third-party LLMs. You can use bots for a variety of purposes, from learning, writing assistance, translation, programming assistance, summarization and entertainment, to many other things.

  • Po limits one GPT-4 query per day. You can try it over here.

2. The AI ​​Dungeon

5 Sites For Free To Use Chatgpt 4 (Gpt 4). 14

AI Dungeon is an online platform that allows users to play AI-generated text-based adventure games. The platform uses ChatGPT to generate the content, allowing users to interact with AI in an open-world setting. With AI Dungeon, users can explore new worlds, create stories and train their ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) skills. AI Dungeon is free to use, and users can create an account to save their progress.

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3. Embrace face transformers

5 Sites For Free To Use Chatgpt 4 (Gpt 4). 15

Hugging Face’s Transformers is an open source library for natural language processing that contains state-of-the-art AI models, including chatGPT-4 (GPT-4). The library is licensed under the Apache License and can be accessed via GitHub. With Hugging Face’s Transformers users can use the AI ​​capabilities of ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) to enhance their NLP models, test new ideas or create new applications.

4. Ora.sh

5 Sites For Free To Use Chatgpt 4 (Gpt 4). 16

Ora.sh is a web-based platform that allows users to quickly create LLM applications using a chat interface that can be shared with others. Recently, Ora.sh introduced a new feature that allows users to try the ChatGPT 4 model at no cost. One of the main advantages of this website is that it does not impose any message restrictions. Plus, there’s no queue to fight, so there’s no waiting time. Basically, users can use the ChatGPT 4 model without any restrictions or fees.

5. Microsoft Bing

5 Sites For Free To Use Chatgpt 4 (Gpt 4). 17

In addition to Aura, Microsoft Bing Chat offers GPT-4 support. Following the launch of the GPT-4 model, Microsoft revealed that their Bing AI is already using the GPT-4 model, which is internally called “Prometheus”. Interestingly, Bing AI comes equipped with some additional functions that are not available in ChatGPT 4.

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Bonus: Nat.dev

Nat.dev is a website that provides an open playground for users to compare machine learning models side-by-side. It was created by Nat Friedman and his team who are involved in developing and popularizing machine learning and AI technologies.

5 Sites For Free To Use Chatgpt 4 (Gpt 4). 18

This is a bonus website that used to be free and you go to start paying for a few usage credits. You can still try it. over here.


As AI continues to change the content creation landscape, these sites provide a glimpse into the limitless possibilities of ChatGPT 4 (GPT-4) and its potential for new and innovative content.

We’ll also have a detailed article on how to use some of these free tools. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried anything from our curated list.

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