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Uptown Music Collective accepts scholarship applications for grades 22-23.News, sports, work

Photo courtesy of Uptown Music Collective founder and executive director Dave Brumbaugh speaks with students in a songwriting class.

Williamsport — Uptown Music Collective, the region’s premier non-profit music school, is currently accepting scholarship applications for the 2022-2023 academic year beginning in September.

This year, Collective is offering scholarships based on 13 needs and benefits to current students and new students wishing to enroll in school next year. All scholarships offered cover one year at a music school.

Current scholarship stewards include the Lew Gilberti Fund, Angelina’s Song Foundation, Geisinger’s Janet Weis Children’s Hospital, Hudock Capital Group, UPMC North Central PA, UPMC Health Plan, Blaise Alexander Family Dealerships, Chartwell Hotels, and The Kiessling in Pennsylvania. Includes FirstCommunityFoundationPartnership. Johnny Montgomery Scott, KFC Williamsport, Miller Family Group.

Early in school, founder Dave Brumbaugh taught students who couldn’t afford to pay for free. They just had to show their desire to learn and the discipline to work hard with their skills.

In return, he expected them to excel in their research. Pay respect. Clean and take care of the school. Supports organizational tasks. And when you’re ready, teach your peers. The idea of ​​making quality music education available to all, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or financial position, is at the heart of what the group does.

Through UMC scholarships and financial assistance programs, UMC provides dynamic music education to all students who work hard and promise to never separate the right students for their inability to pay.

In 2009, the group offered the first official scholarship, the Alice Heilman Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship was created and funded by a generous anonymous donor. Immediately after the scholarship was a Liu Gilberti Memorial Scholarship created by his family and friends to commemorate the local businessman and musician Liu Gilberti.

Seven years ago, Uptown Music Collective quintupled its scholarship offerings and formalized a new sliding scale discount rate. This allows schools to help even more in need.

Aside from generous donations from individuals and local businesses, the funding provided is the result of the school’s highly successful scholarship fundraising concerts held at the Community Arts Center in the last six winters.

Uptown Music Collective has grown for over 20 years from what many used to call it. “The best-protected secret in the Williamsport area” Becoming one of the most respected non-profit educational institutions in the region. The school is dedicated to providing comprehensive education to students of all ages, from children aged 3 to retired adults and everyone in between.

Collectives are known for their positive peer groups, exciting teachers, and diverse performance opportunities.

Despite the fact that collectives are known for their highly talented student performers, they do not have the previous experience required to begin enrolling in collectives.

“This year, there are many scholarships available for brand new students looking to enroll in Collective.” Jared Mondel, Assistant Executive Director of the Collective, said. “We want potential students and families to see these scholarships as an opportunity to get involved in everything we do at school.”

The group strongly feels the role of music in producing balanced and thoughtful young people, and establishes characteristics such as self-discipline and personal responsibility of each student through healthy habits such as practice and self-control. I am trying to do it.

Uptown Music Collective students perform consistently at a high level, not only as music, but as a valuable member of their respective schools and other community organizations.

The deadline for applying for this scholarship is June 6th. The scholarship will be awarded in July. For more information on our collective scholarship program, please call 570-329-0888 or visit

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