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Southeast Exclusion from Group Negligence PTDF Scholarship Interview

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The Avia Media Forum, an organization of senior journalists in the state of Avia, has accused the exclusion of the Southeast from interviews with the Petroleum Technology Development Fund’s overseas scholarship program.

In a statement signed by Chair Ben Okezy and Secretary Kelechi Ogbamba, the forum should stop what Nigerians call “conscientious” people and what PTDF calls “its (PTDF) injustice and insult.” Asked to participate in the request to be. Southeastern people. ”

This was a response to the PTDF’s “claim that it was not possible to conduct a scholarship interview in the southeast,” despite successful interviews in the northeast and northwest.

Some of the statements say: The area where you interview like any other area.

“The Petroleum Technology Development Fund shocked rational and fair Nigerians last week, claiming they were successful in the northeast and northwest, although they were unable to interview scholarships in the southeast.

“(That) PTDF instead provides people in the Southeast with the opportunity to participate in those interviews outside the geopolitical zone.

“The Avia Media Forum is convinced that the PTDF can and should fulfill its constitutional and professional obligations to treat all sections of the country fairly and equitably.”

In a statement released Monday entitled “PTDF should revoke the unjustified exclusion of the Southeast from scholarships,” the AMF called on the PTDF to apply Section 2 of the Nigerian Constitution. .. Implement the basic objectives of national policy and the principles of the Directive. ”

It states: “The Avia Media Forum is calling on PTDF management to apply Section 2 of the Nigerian Constitution, which directs all government agencies to implement the basic goals and guiding principles of national policy. In this case, the PTDF must confirm through subsection 10 that “there must be no discrimination on the grounds of place of origin, gender (gender), religion, status, ethnic or linguistic relationship”. I have.

“() PTDF, like any other region, is obliged to conduct an overseas scholarship interview in a location in the southeast.”

The PTDF Overseas Scholarship Program is an annual program that grants scholarships to Nigerians for master’s and doctoral studies at partner universities in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, China and Malaysia.

According to the statement, PTDF received 26,000 applications and was selected as more than 8,000 candidates.

Citing the scheme manager, the statement states: “PTDF will hold interviews with overseas scholarship schemes in Abuja (central north), Port Harcourt (south-south), Ibadan (southwest) and Kaduna (northwest), and Bouch (northeast).”

The AMF accused the PTDF of excluding the southeast because of anxiety and claiming that the northwest and northeast were safer than the southeast.

“The Avia Media Forum believes that the PTDF claims that the northwest and northeast are safer, gentler and more ridiculous than the southeast because they face the current history of Nigeria. Wasn’t it Kaduna that bombed the train and hijacked some communities? Kaduna is in places where citizens can hardly reach again via connecting roads to other towns such as Abja. Isn’t it? “The queried statement.

The statement finally added: “Go southeast, PTDF. Thank you.”

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