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SHCommunity Foundation Awards $ 55,000 Grant | Local News

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Approximately 20 nonprofits across the South Haven region have received a $ 55,000 grant from the Greater South Haven Regional Community Foundation this year.

Grant recipients, announced Wednesday, will use this money to support education, culture, arts and youth programs and projects that serve the South Haven region.

In addition, the Foundation’s South Haven High School student affiliate, Youth Advisory Board, has awarded an additional $ 7,940 to support youth, education, and school initiatives.

“The Foundation continues to have a significant impact on the South Haven region,” said Roger Begrin, president of the South Haven Community Foundation.

Last year, the Foundation donated $ 41,000 to a local nonprofit organization to support local programming, raised $ 94,000 for the Michigan Maritime Museum construction project, and is struggling as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Donated $ 65,000 to the Southwestern Michigan Care Foundation, which provides financial relief to commercial organizations. In addition to financial contributions, the Foundation has worked with South Haven Public Schools to launch a centralized scholarship application platform that simplifies the process for South Haven High School graduates to apply for scholarships. As a result, more students are applying for scholarships, especially from community groups, this year.

“The Foundation has experienced remarkable growth and momentum in recent years,” said Begrin. “As our organization and assets grow, so does our contribution to the community. The amount of funding we provide each year has tripled over the last five years.”

Beglin praises the generosity and strong board of donors for continued success. “Without the support of our generous donors and a skilled board, we wouldn’t be in place today,” he said.

This year’s winners include Safe Harbor Children Advocacy Center, South Haven Speaker Series, South Haven Steel Headers Sports Fishing Association, Beauty Five Pullman, South Haven Project CURB, South Haven Theater Series, Weecare Human Services Ministry Foundry Hall. Jazz Fest and Riverfront Concert Series, Club Piano Series Includes Scott, Liberty Hide Bailey Annual Conference, South Haven Boys & Girls Club, Mitten Children’s Museum, Youth Development Company / Police Activity League, South Haven Arts Center, South Haven Performance Series, South Haven Boat Foundation.

“These organizations are doing a great job in our community. We are excited to support them and their projects. We look forward to seeing the results of their efforts.” Begrin said.

A brief ceremony will be held at the South Haven City Council on Monday, June 6th to celebrate the latest grant recipients.

Local 501 (c) (3) organizations interested in grant opportunities should visit

Every spring, the Foundation receives grants from local nonprofits that focus on arts, culture, education, recreation, information, and community health with the aim of enriching and improving the lives of local residents. I’m looking for a suggestion.

To date, we have awarded more than $ 650,000 to organizations in the South Haven region. Grants will be made available through donations to the Greater South Haven Area Community Foundation Foundation. In addition to grant distribution, the Foundation manages donation funds for many local nonprofits and scholarship organizations. If you are interested in starting a donation fund or donating to an existing fund, please contact the Greater South Haven Area Community Foundation ( Or visit for more information.