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Physicians graduates of physiotherapy receive minority scholarships nationwide

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Dr. Michel Dennis, a 2022 Ph.D. in Physical Therapy (DPT) from Atlanta-Mercer University, was selected as the recipient of this year’s American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) Minority Scholarship Award.

The Minority Scholarship Award recognizes physiotherapy students in the final year of the accreditation program.

As part of her application, Dr. Dennis wrote: A loved one. My future job is to explore a model of health equity and how exercise equity can become a more visible and clear pillar of health initiatives to actively change the health of the community. “

Dr. Dennis announced the award on May 11 in a letter from APTA President Roger Har, who congratulated her at a ceremony and reception in Washington, DC during APTA’s leadership and invited her to be honored. received. meeting.

“This scholarship is particularly well suited to Dr. Dennis. She is the driving force behind the Diversity, Fairness and Comprehensive Initiative in Mercer’s PhD Program in Physical Therapy and APTA’s Georgia Chapter, and is recognized as an APTA Centennial Scholarship student. , Engaged in community services at the Good Samaritan Health Center in downtown Atlanta and conducted research on physiotherapy deserts in poorly serviced physiotherapy areas, “said Dr. Janet Anderson, physiotherapy director. Says. “We are proud of this recognition of her work and her many important contributions. We are confident that her future efforts will improve the health of the community.”

Founded in 1921, APTA is a US-based, specialized organization of individual members representing more than 100,000 members of physiotherapists, physiotherapist assistants, and physiotherapist students.

About health vocational school

The University of Mercer Health College consists of six areas: Physical Therapy, Assistant Physician Research, Public Health, Clinical Psychology, Exercise Training, and Exercise. The university offers a PhD-level physiotherapy program. Master’s level doctor assistant program. Bachelor, Master, and PhD-level public health programs, PhD-level programs in clinical psychology, Master-level exercise training programs, and Bachelor-level exercise programs. The Department of Physical Therapy also offers residency in orthopedics, neurology and cardiovascular / lung physiotherapy. Fellowship of manual physiotherapy in orthopedics. And on-site clinic. Each program is housed in a department that provides students with comprehensive lesson courses taught by exceptional faculty and extensive clinical experience enhanced by outstanding service-learning opportunities. See for more information.