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Next Steps After Receiving the Award Letter | Financial Assistance Department

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When you complete your financial assistance, there are some next steps to complete. These steps are organized by month of completion.


Finish “what to do” at MyNevada and apply for work study

  • Check the “To Do List” MyNEVADA
  • Resolve financial aid items by the June 1st priority deadline to minimize delays and avoid the possibility of financial aid cancellation.
  • The financial aid file must be complete in order for financial aid to be paid. Payments will be made by Monday before the class begins each semester and will be applied directly to the current semester fee.

Complete the federal work study waiting list

  • Federal and unnecessary Work Research Fund On-campus employment may be requested by students who have completed the following:
    1. FAFSA Also Institutional methodology form for FAFSA ineligible students
    2. Work study application MyNEVADA Below the supplemental form (available in mid-April). Requests far exceed the awards available. We can give priority to students employed on campus and offer prizes throughout the school year.


Apply for a federal loan (students and parents)

  • Complete the Federal Direct Student Loan Process (for students planning to borrow)
  • You can accept, decline, or reduce the amount of your federal student loan offer.Choose your financial aid tile MyNEVADA With an account,[アワードの承認/拒否]Click, then click the small pencil icon to make your changes. Alternatively, you can submit a federal direct loan activation form. This form is Financial assistance form web page. We recommend adjusting by May to minimize processing delays.
  • Next, you need to visit the Federal Student Aid website Log in using your FSA ID. Under the “Complete Assistance Process”, complete the Master Promissory Note (MPN) / Loan Contract and complete admission counseling (if you are a first-time borrower). The loan is then processed by the Ministry of Education.
  • Loan fees and interest rates 2022-2023 will be available in midsummer.

Apply for a Federal Plus Loan (For parents and graduate students who plan to rent)

  • Dependent parents can apply for a ParentPLUS loan. Graduate / Professional students can borrow a Graduate / Professional Plus loan. A credit check is required for PLUS loans. The borrower (parent or graduate / professional student) must complete the Federal Direct PLUS loan application on the Federal Student Aid website. May.
  • Parents or graduate students must log in using their FSA ID. Under Apply for Aid, select Apply for a PLUS Loan to start the process. Follow the instructions on the screen to prove your PLUS loan. The loan is then processed by the Ministry of Education.
  • Loan fees and interest rates In the case of PLUS, it is different from the student fee and interest rate. Prices from 2022 to 2023 will be available in midsummer.


Complete third-party releases and report additional funding

  • Add a third party release
    • The university does not allow access or disclosure of educational records or other personally identifiable information without the consent of the student. If you want to allow access to parents or other third parties MyNEVADA Go to “Student Center Classic”. Scroll down to “Third Party Releases” in the right column of the box. Follow the instructions to add people who are interested in accessing your information. Remember to set a verbal passphrase and share it with individuals. They are asked for it when they make a call.

Tell us about other scholarships / resources

  • If you plan to receive other financial aid not mentioned in the offer letter, such as scholarships or fee exemptions, please fill out our change report form. Financial Assistance Form Page.. Please note that these changes may affect the type and amount of assistance provided. Be sure to include a copy of the external scholarship offer letter.


Please review the statement, fill out the semester registration form and contact an external scholarship provider.

  • Please check your account statement for tuition, fees and other institutional fees (if available)
  • If you need assistance in determining your bill, please use the cost quote page on our website (until your account is renewed) or contact us for a breakdown of your costs, including your balance after financial assistance has been applied. please give me. Your account must be paid in full or have a payment plan in place by Friday before the start of each semester.

Fill out the semester registration form

  • Find this in the supplemental form MyNEVADA.. It will be added to the “To Do List” in mid-July.

Advise external scholarship providers

  • If you are receiving a scholarship from an organization that is not affiliated with your university, please refer to the scholarship information of an external organization. Part of our website.
  • If your scholarship check is sent directly, please bring it to the secretariat for processing.


Complete payment arrangements, approve millennial scholarships, and find a campus job

  • Register for direct deposit MyNEVADA
  • The remaining financial aid will be refunded to the student via the mailing address provided on MyNEVADA, unless directly enrolled in the deposit. Go to the Finances tile and register for a direct deposit. If you need assistance, please visit the MyNEVADA Help web page or contact Cashier’s Office (775) 784-6915 directly.

Register for a payment plan at MyNEVADA

  • There are two payment plans. One is for tuition and fees, and the other is for housing and meal plans. A $ 50 service charge will be assessed on the first payment. The payment plan divides the fee into three-month payments. If you need assistance, please visit the MyNEVADA Help web page or contact Cashier’s Office (775) 784-6915 directly.

Please contact us Disability Resource Center (DRC)

  • If your course load reduction certification is supported by the DRC, you must meet with the DRC before the end of all semester addition / removal periods that require course load reduction. The minimum number of scholarship or institutional grant enrollments will be adjusted to the load of the course approved by the DRC each semester.

Approve Millennium Scholarships (to certify residents of Nevada)

  • About Treasury Secretary Nevada Click “Millennium Scholarship Overview” on the website and follow the instructions to review. This must be done before the scholarship is added to the offer letter.

Browse university job listings

  • All jobs open on campus are listed for you to investigate and apply. You don’t have to study for work to work on campus. You can see the recruitment list on the Career Studios website.