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Grays Harbor University awarded $ 2.8 million to support future college students

Announced by Grays Harbor University $ 2.8 million was awarded to support low-income and potential first-generation students in schools.

Financing Coming from the US Department of Education, from September this year, I have established a TRIO advancement program at high schools in Hoquiam, Ocosta, and Raymond.

“We are pleased to receive these grants and work with our partners at schools in Grays Harbor and Pacific County,” said JEB Thornton, Director of Grant Development and Management at GHC. “We believe that the higher education program will provide local students with new opportunities to help them prepare for higher education challenges and ultimately help them reach their full potential.”

TRIO Upward Bound provides local school students with academic enrichment courses, personal mentoring and coaching, and college, financial assistance, and scholarship application assistance.

This program supports efforts to help local students obtain a high school diploma and pursue higher education.

The advancement program is an intensive intervention program focused on helping high school students in low-income households, rural students, and / or students in households where parents or guardians do not have a bachelor’s degree.

According to the US Department of Education, 86% of students in higher education programs enroll in higher education institutions shortly after graduating from high school.

The fund provides services such as tutoring and academic support, support for university and financial assistance applications, academic advice, SAT and ACT preparation, university tours, and other student support services, as well as cultural affluence such as field trips. Can cover your opportunities. Performances and special events.

Raymond and Ocosta share an academic program that serves up to 30 students in grades 9-12 each year at each school. Hoquiam, on the other hand, has its own college program that serves up to 60 high school students annually.

Both projects are funded annually for $ 287,537 over a five-year period, for a total of $ 2,875,370.

GHC will be able to apply for funding renewals after the fifth year of the project.

“The advancement program is a very competitive national grant program, which is a great honor and achievement for our community,” said Cal Erwin-Svoboda, Vice President of Student Services at GHC. increase. “Academic programs and other such programs provide the coveted access to education and resources for student success, and we are excited to offer this opportunity to students in the region.”

The School Advancement Program is one of the Ministry of Education’s TRIO programs and is 100% federal funded.

In addition to the academic program, GHC participates in the recently established TRIO student support and STEM services. TRIO Educational Opportunity CenterCurrently located on GHC’s Aberdeen and Raymond campuses, it serves adults who are undervalued, low-income, and / or first-generation college students.