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Government students receive Boren scholarships to study in Indonesia »Liberty News

Brent Schrigger, a student at Helms Government High School, was the first Liberty University to receive the Boren Award for National Security Scholarship. In the federal government.

A student of international affairs, Schriger will study at Malang State University in Indonesia this fall.

“To have the opportunity to live in a completely different culture that no one knows is that many people do not have the opportunity to do it in their lifetime,” Schriger said. “Life abroad is completely spectacular. It changes not only how you see the world, but how you see others …. A balanced person has a good career. So I’m looking forward to not only how this will advance my career, but how this will affect me as a person. “

Boren Scholarship sends undergraduates to countries that are undervalued for study abroad and may lack a strong relationship with the United States.

Many Boren Award graduates have taken over their careers at the Department of Homeland Security, the Defense Forces, and the Department of Homeland Security, especially because of the experience gained through scholarships.

Schriger said the Helms Government School had equipped him to take this next bold career step, citing some extracurricular opportunities that enhanced his application.

While in Liberty, Shrigger participated in Strategic Intelligence and Diplomatic Initiatives (SIFA), Strategic Intelligence Association (SIS), and other accredited programs within government schools.

“Many of the experiences I could point out in my application were especially possible at Helms School,” he said. “At most other schools, I wouldn’t have had such a powerful application, just because of the quality of experience provided by Liberty and the School of Government.”

Schrigger thanked several professors and managers, including Associate Professor Scott Renikke, Admiral Tony Koslon, Edna Udbon, Associate Professor Joel Cox, and Associate Professor Robert Hart.

“I think it’s most important because God has given me this opportunity,” Schriger said. “He is calling me there. Personally, I would like to take this opportunity to bring him glory and manage this opportunity well.”

Helms School has maintained a strong reputation for helping its students and faculty apply for and achieve scholarships to advance their careers. For the second year in a row, Liberty has recorded a record number of Fulbright semi-finalists in both student and faculty programs.

Like the Fulbright Scholarship, the Boren Scholarship is a tremendous resume praise.

“I couldn’t be proud of Brent with this achievement,” Hart said. “He will be a great ambassador to Liberty University and the National Security and International Relations Program here at Helms School. Thank you for Brent’s hard work and have made such an impact on this fine young man. Thank you to the excellent teachers here. “