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Franklin's factory releases rendering of Grand Hall refurbishment

Franklin, TN (May 31, 2022) – Franklin’s factory, purchased by Holiday Property as a national model for adaptive use at the end of last year, has released two renderings of the following Grand Hall refurbishment. The overall refurbishment of the 10 campuses will begin within a few weeks.

Rendering by Nashville architect Centric shows a reimagination of an existing space with a focus on the new factory bar. The glass design of the bar mimics the original glass glazing of the factory’s high windows. Penny tiles on the floor show a new logo, and green and modern furniture make the space warm and cozy. Adjacent to food, drink and retail options, the Grand Hall is a community gathering place for everyone.

“From major employers to shopping destinations and busy event spaces, the factory has been Franklin’s fixtures for over 90 years and we are honored to lead the next era in this magnificent and unusual place,” said Partner. Senior Vice Allen Arender said. Head of Development for Holiday Properties. “The refurbishment of this Grand Hall, which will begin construction in the coming weeks, is the beginning of turning the factory into a new level of creativity, community and fun.”

Development partner Ronnie Wensler said the upcoming Grand Hall transformation was a milestone in rethinking one of Franklin’s most memorable rooms.

“We imagine the Grand Hall as a welcoming and mysterious place,” Wensler said. “By opening this truly rethought-out magnificent space and facilitating travel, encounters, longevity and concentration, we will test drive the vision of the new factory as an immersive, exciting yet comfortable experience. We believe that we offer a vision of responsibility for the factory’s past and a carefully selected creative response that captures the current currency. We look forward to this vision coming soon. “

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Work on the ground hall of the factory renovation will begin in June and is scheduled to be completed in early 2023.

Allen added that paying attention to the needs of the community is important in shaping the factory’s overall vision.

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“At the heart of all our efforts is to make the most of what the community says has made us a successful factory. We build and build on the wonders that already exist. We intend to transform areas that are likely to please our visitors. To that end, we have signed new long-term leases to some of The Factory’s long-loved shops and restaurants to improve the guest experience. We are also working on a new Farmers Market layout that will improve the visibility of all merchants. This new layout will also take advantage of the new park area under the water tower for the entire community to enjoy. Details and new tenants will be announced in the coming weeks and months. The potential of this wonderful facility is enormous and we are excited to see it unfold. “

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