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Financial Support for International Students in the United States: What You Need to Know

Are you an ambitious international student who lacks the financial resources to realize your dream of studying abroad? Rest assured that many forms of financial assistance are available, including assistance as needed.

Needs-based assistance is a type of financial assistance that students can receive if they can establish concrete evidence that they need financial assistance for their education. It includes grants and scholarships and may or may not require repayment.

If you are planning to study in the United States, here are some things you need to know about needs-based assistance:

International students in the United States are eligible for financial support. This includes needs-based assistance. Source: Daniel Slim / AFP

Financial Support: What International Students Should Know

Unlike domestic students, international students in the United States have federal student assistance and Federal Labor Research Program..

Some US universities, such as the Ivy League, provide needs-based support.

for example, Columbia UniversityThe Admissions Board will consider how much financial assistance a student needs when evaluating an application.This is in line with them goal Meet 100% of the proven needs of all first-year students enrolled, regardless of citizenship.

Yale University awards all financial assistance based on Economic need.. Students eligible for financial assistance will receive a needs-based ale scholarship that can vary from thousands of dollars to over US $ 65,000 per year, the website said. This award is given regardless of citizenship or immigrant status.

Harvard Note: “We award aid awards based on need, not merit. This means that financial assistance helps students who will benefit most. In addition, we demonstrate students. It meets 100% of the financial needs that have been met. “

According to NAFSA, some faculties within the university Allocate funds To support international students with exceptional needs and talents.

Students are encouraged to speak directly with the university or major faculties about such funding opportunities, along with their requirements.

Do I need to repay the financial aid I received?

Grants and needs-based scholarships usually do not require repayment.

How do I qualify for needs-based financial assistance?

Each university has its own requirements, but students must be prepared to provide financial proof to show their family’s financial situation.

For example, Harvard University states that financial aid officers will work closely with students and their families to determine their proven needs and the expected contributions of their families.

“For many families, this is between 0 and 10% of the family’s income,” the university said.

Yale University has a median table of financial assistance awards for first grade families in the 2023 class. Apply for assistance..

Keep an eye on the deadline and contact your financial assistance office for information when applying for assistance as needed.

What if I am not eligible for needs-based assistance?

All hope is not lost. If you are not eligible for needs-based assistance, you can always try other forms of financial assistance, from student loans to merit-based scholarships.

There are also universities in the United States where you can study for free or close enough.