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BJP will stage a large-scale protest urging the TN government to lower fuel prices

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Chennai, May 31st (UNI) BJP Tamil Nadu Unit

Large-scale rally to the state secretariat and protest demonstrations

Demands the ruling DMK to take steps to reduce gasoline and diesel prices.

Over 5,000 workers from 11 districts with party flags and placards

The state participated in a protest led by BJP Prime Minister K. Annamalai.

Senior leaders such as H. Raja, state legislators and BJP attended

Nainar Nagendran, the leader of the legislative party.

When BJP workers gather in front of Raja Rashinam Stadium in Egmore

They tried to march to the city area and the state office, they

Stopped by a large number of police officers


BJP workers protested because they were not allowed to retrieve Mach

Demonstration and screaming slogan condemning the failure of the DMK government

BJP-led NDA fulfills voting promise to lower fuel prices

The center’s government has reduced prices twice in the last six months.

“I’m not asking the DMK government,” Anna Malai said.

To do what they didn’t say. DMK is a poll manifest

We are lowering the price and demanding that it be done. ”

He said he accused the ruling party DMK of not reducing gasoline and diesel taxes.

“DMK promised to lower gasoline and diesel prices in its manifesto

By Rs5 and Rs4 respectively.Prime Minister Narendra Modi cuts fuel prices

Twice.We urge the state government to carry out what it promised in the poll

Manifest prior to the May 2021 parliamentary elections. “

The federal government on May 21 imposes a central excise tax on gasoline

8 rupees per liter, 6 rupees per liter for diesel.This will lower the price of gasoline

Diesel with Rs9.5 per liter and Rs7 per liter.

Anna Marai, urging the DMK administration to immediately respect its voting promise,

Later, when I talked to reporters, if the government did not reduce the fuel tax,

As promised, the BJP will rapidly stage hunger in all districts of the state

20 days.

BJP if the tax is not reduced after the government’s proposed fast

By mobilizing more than 100,000 rupees, we will hold a large rally in Tricy.

This is a turning point for the BJP’s political campaign.

The BJP won 25 of the 39 seats in the 2024 general election.

After the center recently reduced the excise tax on gasoline and diesel on May 21st.

Treasury Minister Paranibel Chiagarajan of Tamil Nadu said neither was fair.

It is also unreasonable to expect the nation to cut taxes.

He said the federal government cut taxes, but it’s still higher

Prices for 2014 are Rs.10.42 per liter for gasoline and Rs.12.23 per liter for diesel.

“Therefore, the federal government is that

Taxes, “he said.

“The federal government has only partially raised taxes.

Reduced by their reduction, taxes

2014 rates, “he said.

The minister said the government was in an unstable financial position

Additional spending incurred for previous administration and Covid bailout

Activity, it reduced gasoline taxes in the months following his inauguration,

Welfare of people.

Tamil Nadu has limited tax rights

He says it will reduce the tax burden on the people of the state, and the price will be

It was heavily increased by the federal government from 2014 to 2021.

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