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18 Murders in 20 Days: Chennai Reflects TN's Increasing Crime Graph

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Chennai, May 29 (IANS) Citing the recent killings in Chennai, former Tamil Nadu Prime Minister and Opposition Leader K. Paraniswami said the state capital “has been transformed into a murder city with 18 murders in 20 days.” However, Chennai Metropolitan Police Commissioner Shanker Ziwar said that there were only 10 murders in the city, four of which were due to personal hostility and six due to family conflicts. Said that.

Paraniswami said shortly after the murder of BJP district leader K. Barachandal in the Chintadripet area of ​​Chennai.

The best police officer has all the rights to protect his army, but the killing of a small financier, Almgam (36), on the busy Aminjikarai Road during the day was a shock. Four men chased a financier, hacked him and died.

The DMK government took office in May 2021, promising police to deal with villains with iron fists as they became stricter. However, police and state governments appear to be on the receiving side, as the number of killings is increasing in many parts of Tamil Nadu.

On May 26, when the Prime Minister arrived in the state, a 55-year-old monk, Laxmanan, was hacked in Madurai by three gangsters and died on his way to the temple. This was another major blow to the Tamil Nadu police, forcing the Police Commissioner (DGP) to intervene in the matter. Police acted swiftly and arrested the criminal, a close relative of the deceased priest.

Meanwhile, in another puzzle of state police, two separate cases in Chennai and Miraduturai resulted in the deaths of two people in custody on April 19 and 26. In Chennai, caste youth Vignesh, who was to be arrested by police along with his accomplice Suresh on April 18, died at the police station on April 19. Autopsy revealed that Vignesh had 13 injuries, including a fracture of his right leg and a bruise on his face, hands, shoulders and chest. In this case, police deputy inspectors and police officers were arrested.

Similarly, on April 26, Thangamani (46) died in a sub-prison in Myladuthurai. He was arrested by police on April 25 for brewing illegal liquor. Relatives of his deceased alleged that Tangamani was brutally tortured at the station and died in prison the next morning due to torture at the station.

In the Chengalpattu district adjacent to Chennai, two young people were hacked and killed by three gangsters in January. The Chengalpattu district is home to several major industries in Tamil Nadu, including international car makers and software companies, and brutal killings can lose investor confidence.

R. Swaminasan, Head of Labor Relations for a Large Multinational Corporation in Chengal Patu, said while talking to IANS: Anxiety about our management. The government seems to be doing its best, but it needs to ensure that the police deal with the iron hands. “

DGP C. Sylendrababu told reporters on May 24 that state law and order conditions were well maintained, despite murders becoming a daily occurrence and people worried about frequent murders. Told.

The DGP states: It’s very peaceful. “

However, he admitted that illegal liquor was brewed in certain areas of the state, but police arrested some people who were indulging in the illegal brewing of liquor.

The DGP claims that there are no caste-related killings in the state, but four decapitations in the 10 days of September 2021 sent cold air to the spines of people in southern Tamil Nadu. All murders were related to caste and the DGP had to camp in Madurai and intervene to quell the violence that occurred after the incident.

C. Rajeev, director of the Center for Policy Development and Research, a Chennai-based think tank, said while talking to IANS: Interior ministry officials need to ensure that law and order are properly maintained for the safe and peaceful state of Tamil Nadu. No one should be allowed to get the law, and beyond a certain point, if it is not dealt with now, the situation will be serious and out of control. “