10 Best Business Website Builder Tools


Every aspiring web entrepreneur wants to launch their vision and start making profits on the internet. After all, more than 70 percent of small businesses now reach their customers online, and 92 percent of those without a digital presence say they will have a website by the end of 2018. To take advantage of the 1.6 billion consumers who buy products online, having a well-designed site can significantly improve your prospects. However, a business website is only as good as a web developer. Look at the list of ten The best website builders for small businesses Now available below.

1. Wicks

Creating an attractive, helpful and informative website yourself is child’s play with Wix. With template-editing tools and a site generator, you can get a site up and running faster than the competition. The editing interface also makes it easy to edit, add and remove page elements. The builder offers a great mix of templates, and it’s versatile enough to add plugins like reservations, contact forms, and food menus.

Built-in SEO tools can be easily configured. Most importantly, the free trial of this developer is more useful than any professional site-building tool, because the basic plan offers unlimited time to test different tools. Templates look original and there is no room to mess things up. Additionally, Carpenter’s plans and prices, while not cheap, fit a small business’s budget.

What sets Wix apart from others is the ADIArtificial Design Intelligence) is a powerful script that can build a website on your behalf. By asking questions about the type of business you run, your location, activities and requirements, Wix generates a website – typically a single page – faster than other business website builders, giving you an edge over your competition.

2. YB


If you want a builder that is more streamlined and offers more modular editing tools, Webly is your go-to site tool. What it lacks in template choices and plugin apps, Weebly more than makes up for in simplicity. It provides maps, contact forms and other site basics. Pricing is also a major focal point – this developer’s Starter plan costs two-thirds of Wix’s Combo plan. In fact, it goes one step further and does not impose any restrictions on storage and bandwidth.

Not only does this builder offer amazing drag-and-drop capabilities, it also provides greater access to the underlying HTML and CSS code of the site, allowing users to experiment with third-party styles and fonts. You can enter your site’s keywords and description in the page settings and install the tracking code for any device you want to use.

3. Square space


Square space It is used to create business sites with high quality images, popular typography, long pages of different sections and lots of neutral space around everything. The design templates are very functional and if your business fits the young and ultra-modern aesthetic of this developer, you will end up with a beautiful website. However, a critical eye is necessary to prevent the site from looking cluttered and disjointed.

This developer’s support is very helpful and responsive, and easy pricing is a good sign for a business. While it’s not available for free, the basic plan allows you to set up a 20-page website, which is a great way to start your business page. Other benefits include an SSL certificate, eCommerce features, and web analytics.

4. SiteBuilder.com


One of the reasons SiteBuilder.com is so popular is that it is fully hosted. This all-in-one developer ensures that users don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of running a site. There are many site creation packages available. If you want, you can start building your business site for free with a powerful drag-and-drop template and several free templates. Once you upgrade to the developer’s affordable Pro plan, you’ll benefit from a branded email address and a free domain name. So, you can easily set up your site and expand your business’s online presence.

5. BoldGrid


An InMotion Hosting product, this builder is somewhat different from the others on the list as it can be used as a fully hosted website builder or a WordPress plugin. It’s a great way to experience the flexibility of WordPress while adding simplicity to the site creation process.
There’s no learning curve like it thanks to a simple drag-and-drop builder. The software also includes YCWJ Editor with many free WP themes to make your business site as attractive as possible. If that’s not all, the free images add more oomph to your site.

6. Bluehost


BlueHost takes all the hassle out of starting a new business name or online store. While newbies may take some time to get used to the developer, they can always turn to the helpful Bluehost team. Many freebies like unlimited domain hosting, unlimited storage, free domain, unlimited bandwidth and storage are available with this tool. This, along with many options for site building services, gives new website owners everything they need to get started at an affordable price.

7. Site


If you want to build a business site according to exact specifications, Sitey’s drag and drop system will get the job done in no time. Each of the available templates is responsive, and compatible with Google-mandated coding and SEO best practices. While most of the functionality of this developer comes from extensions and plugins, the responsive customer service team makes the whole process easy. Sitey team is available 24 X 7 and can help you whenever you face any problem.

8. IM creator

Im Creator

This site builder uses a customizable element called “Stripes”. All of the templates offered by IM Creator are retina ready, so setting up a professional website only takes a few minutes. So they can be programmed for immediate use with live audiences. You can place each design on sites that use multiple pages. IM Creator solves any hosting problems as users get unlimited bandwidth and hosting automatically.

9. Jimdo


One The best ecommerce site builders Currently on the market, Jimdo helps you set up online stores without the hassle of shopping carts. Just download the dedicated eCommerce theme provided by Jimdo and you’re good to go. Even large ecommerce sites are supported by Jimdo. Typically, business owners have access to every feature and option they need to run their site efficiently. Although Jimdo is a free site builder, paid versions are available with many great additional features.

10. Webs


Web provides businesses with an easy developer platform. The tool is intuitive and easy to use and offers pre-made website designs with many amazing features. This is a fully hosted platform that eliminates all the worries of updates, software and backups. Intuitive builder lets you choose from many professional-looking site designs. Each design comes with customizable layouts and you can easily edit everything with a simple point and click. Text, maps, contact forms, images and videos can be easily dragged and dropped onto the page.

Concluding remarks

Choosing the perfect website builder for your business requires a little thought. First, find out what your website needs to grow and choose the right tool based on those features. The above mentioned options should meet all your requirements perfectly.

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