10 amazing facts about Steve Jobs that you may not know

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Truly a creative guy and a replay fighter Apple company (Nasdaq: AAPL) From the brink of bankruptcy to becoming the second most valuable company in the United States and Seventh largest public company in the world With a valuation of over $2 trillion. Yes, I’m talking about Steve Jobs Co-founder and former CEO of Apple. We all know him well. We’ve heard a lot about him. Many praise him as a deity, while many praise him as a business mentor.

But, just like many other people, there are some interesting but lesser known facts about Steve Jobs that may not match his stature and personality but remain true. On January 19, 2011, Steve Jobs was unexpectedly given an unscheduled vacation due to his health problems, which later proved fatal. Later that year, on October 5, 2011, our visionary CEO and great teacher took us to the skies on board.

Here are some lesser known and more surprising facts about Steve Jobs, the terrible Silicon Valley mobster:


In 1973, Steve dropped out of college, after which he joined ATARI. In the same year he went to India to seek enlightenment. Later in 1976, before Microsoft, he founded Apple. After nine years of hard work, he left Apple in 1985 only to found another project called NeXt. The following year, Steve bought an animation studio company called PIXAR. He returned to Apple in 1996, and in 2006 he finally sold Pixer.

dyslexic patient

Steve Jobs was dyslexic. He could not read, write and understand characters. Despite these complexities, he has managed to build the second most valuable technology company. Interestingly, this put him on an elite list of well-known personalities such as Graham Bell, Albert Einstein, and Henry Ford, who also suffered from the same “intelligent personality” ailments.

Trouble maker

Steve Jobs kept terrorizing his classmates in the early days of education. spent 3Research and development Classified as a “little horror” he was allegedly leaving snakes in classrooms and setting off bombs.


Steve Jobs: Employee Number “0” (zero)

In my career, I had never seen anyone with a “0” identity before I found out about Steve Jobs. At Apple, it held the employee ID as 0. In the early days of its formation, the Apple Board of Directors wanted all employees to be marked with identifiers in the order in which they were assigned. Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak got employee #1, and Jobs got hired #2. Jobs kept protesting this until he got a 0 because it came before a 1.

Calligraphy lover

After dropping out of his lessons at Reed, he sat in calligraphy class and was fascinated by lines and calligraphy. Attributes the face of the original real Apple font (later copied by Windows).

Steve: Dirty fellow

Have you ever heard of an employee who was modified to work night shifts simply because of his dress sense and poor hygiene habits? Yes, it was Steve Jobs, if no one else. He smelled bad, which forced Atari management to send him on night shifts.

Steve Jobs Daily Uniform

Try the Google Steve image. You’ll often only find him in a black cashmere/silk turtleneck T-shirt from St. Croix, blue Levis jeans, and New Balance sneakers. Steve Jobs had more than 100 jeans of the same type, size and color.

Steve Jobs salary: $1 per year

Steve Jobs withdrew just $1 of his annual wages from his Apple account as CEO. However, he earned more than $48 million a year in Disney stock.

President of PepsiCo to work for Apple

Steve Jobs has always been known as a good negotiator. He persuaded John Sculley—then the president of PepsiCo—to quit his job and join Apple as CEO by saying, “Do you want to sell sweetened water all your life, or do you want to change the world?”

strict fruit

The reasoning behind the formation of his company as “Apple” is Steve Jobs’ strong vegan habit and Apple being his favorite fruit. He and his wife are strict vegetarians, no matter what.

These amazing facts about Steve Jobs can teach you many valuable life lessons, no matter if you are a student, a professional, or an aspiring entrepreneur.